May 17, 2021


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Rickshaw-police fight, viral video from two years ago

During the ongoing lockdown, the law enforcement forces are working to keep the roads and highways deserted. They are checking when the vehicle comes out. However, some insulting incidents are happening in the case of rickshaws. The rickshaw is being left upside down. And some such pictures are spreading on social media and as a result many people are expressing their sorrow for the rickshaw pullers.

However, law enforcement says rickshaws are prohibited on the highway.

Here is the link to the viral video

Just when people are speaking out against rickshaws in the lockdown, a group is promoting old videos to provoke the issue. Netizens can’t even verify that video. A campaign has been launched in which a traffic policeman and a poor rickshaw puller have been fighting for control of the rickshaw for a long time.

The traffic police want to snatch the rickshaw, but the driver will not give it in any way. Naturally the poor man is getting sympathy and the traffic police administration is on the verge of criticism. But the video is at least two years old. Uploaded to a YouTube channel two years ago.

An Internet user says that people’s perceptions are gradually declining. If you watch the video, it is clear that no one has a mask on their face, the bus is moving. It is understood that the video before the epidemic, even if you do not shake your head.

But why the old video? A group of netizens answered this question. Says, a group of people always try to take advantage of the public reaction. These are the instigators.

The government has announced a lockdown till April 28. The lockdown has given other workers, except public transport, the opportunity to work in compliance with health regulations. In this situation, we transport workers will not die in the Karona epidemic, we will die without eating ‘. Selim Reza Mithu, general secretary of Jessore District Transport Workers Union, said this at a press conference at 11:30 am on Thursday.

The joint press conference was organized by the transport workers’ organizations in Jessore district at the old bus terminal office of the organization. Azizul Alam Mintu, president of Jessore District Transport Corporation Workers Union and leaders of district transport workers’ organizations were present at the time.

In a written statement at the press conference, Selim Reza Mithu said, “We are demanding from the public transport workers’ organization that we also want to work in public transport in compliance with the health rules. We hope that the government and the concerned authorities will give us a chance by agreeing to our reasonable demands.

At the press conference, the labor leaders also demanded to make arrangements to purchase rice at the rate of Tk 10 per kg for the families of unemployed workers.