May 16, 2021


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Shoaib Akhtar’s prayer for Indians!

Corona infection has taken a terrible turn in India. More than two thousand people are dying in the country every day. India has practically turned into a place of death, corpses are burning in mass funerals as there is no place for cremation. With that came the crisis of oxygen. Former Pakistan speedster Shoaib Akhtar has expressed deep sympathy to the people of India in such a difficult time for the neighboring country.

The former Pakistan fast bowler, known as the Rawalpindi Express, hopes the situation will get under control soon. In a tweet, Shoaib said, “I am praying for the people of India. May they be saved from this danger soon. We are by their side ‘.

Shoaib Akhtar’s prayer for Indians has taken social media by storm. Many are praising his sympathy and prayers. Many have thanked Shoaib for this message.

No matter how hostile India and Pakistan cricketers are on the field, their character off the field is quite different. They live like friends. And out on the field, the cricketers of the two countries stand by each other’s problems. That is what Shoaib proved. This is the game spirit of all players.
Tanzia Zaman Mithila became the best in the recently held ‘Miss Universe Bangladesh 2020’. The controversy has not left her since she took the crown. It has been alleged that she is the Miss Universe Bangladesh this time with ‘special assistance’. When the arrow of such accusation was pointed at Mithila, this beauty gave birth to new criticism.

Model Mithila and Samira Khan Mahi were seen in a 2017 YouTube interview. They were answering various questions posed by the presenter. In the video, Mithila and Mahi said they recorded a nude video of a man entering the men’s toilet. Model Mahi has shared it on her social media again. It has been seen that Mithila and Mahi are running out laughing after recording the video.

Miss Universe Bangladesh-2020 Tanzia Zaman Mithila apologizes for the incident after widespread criticism. He apologized with a status from his verified Facebook ID.

“I did what I did wrong,” Mithila told reporters. I’m sorry. This is normal when people make mistakes. If someone makes a mistake and apologizes, then there is nothing to worry about. People make mistakes when they are young or many do not understand. If people apologize to someone, we can forgive them. ‘

“We videotaped a man without clothes inside the washroom, ha ha ha,” wrote one Munia. It is a pure sexual harassment. I was young, I was pranky, these things don’t really make much sense. You weren’t that under age and doing this kind of work has to be much more ethical to say publicly proudly.

Meanwhile, Mithila has claimed that the person whose video was posted on Facebook is a close friend. “If he doesn’t think it’s harassment, why should people judge me for harassing him?” Even then, I apologized. ‘

Mithila will represent Bangladesh on the main stage of the Miss Universe 2020 pageant to be held in the United States on May 16. Before him, one controversy after another is rising about him.