May 8, 2021


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He is 50 years old with a mortar shell on his head!

During the great liberation war of 1971, a woman named Nurjahan Begum (70) and her husband, the late freedom fighter Md. Were injured in a mortar shell fired by the invading forces. Nuru Mia. At that moment, she and her husband survived by chance. But a piece of mortar shell remained inside Nurjahan’s brain. He has lived with that piece for 50 years, yet. Nowadays, due to various physical problems, Nurjahan is starting to lose his memory. Doctors examined and found that a piece of mortar shell had been left in the brain, causing a wound. This has caused him this problem.

Kulaura resident and Sylhet MAG Osmani Medical College Hospital psychiatrist (assistant professor, psychiatry department) Dr. posted a post on social media asking for help to get him better treatment. Saeed Enam. Based on this information, the reporter of Kaler Kantho contacted him and rushed to their house in search of Nurjahan.

On the afternoon of April 22 (Thursday), Nurjahan was seen sitting in a chair on the verandah of the woman’s house in the Langla Khas area of ​​Tilagaon in Kulaura. At this time, he is looking at his family members silently. But not talking to anyone. Nurjahan’s main home was in the Amodabad area of ​​Akhaura upazila in Brahmanbaria. At present their family is living in the new slum area of ​​Longla Khas in Tilagaon Union of Kulaura Upazila.

It is known that Nurjahan’s husband Nuru Mia went to the war of liberation due to patriotism. Other members of the family including his wife Nurjahan Begum were at home. At one stage, Pakistani forces attacked the border area of ​​Amodabad. Nur Jahan’s father Anshar Ali, younger brother Nur Islam (12) and sister Zahera Khatun (18) died on the spot due to mortar shell. Besides, Nurjahan and his mother Fuljan Begum were seriously injured by mortar shells. Nurjahan was hit in the brain, left arm and left leg by a mortar shell. And his mother Fuljan’s stomach came out. At this time Nurjahan’s elder brother Md. Rashid Mia (65) escaped from the shell when he went to hand over the box of bullets to the freedom fighters.

Nurjahan’s husband, the late freedom fighter. Nuru Mia died of old age on June 2, 2019. He has 2 sons and 5 daughters in his family. His two sons Mubarak Hossain and Jalal Hossain are Saudi expatriates. Both are currently on holiday in the country. Among the 5 daughters, Mamta Begum, Amena Begum, Anwara Begum and Sakhina Begum are married. The second daughter Aleya Begum has died.

Nurjahan’s eldest son, Mubarak Hossain, a Saudi expatriate, and his youngest son, Jalal Hossain, said they were born after the war. Their parents were married in the mid-1980s. Their father Nuru Mia fought in Sector 3. In late April 1971, Pakistani forces attacked unarmed people in their area. Many people were killed at this time. Then mortar shells hit various parts of our mother’s body. He was later admitted to Agartala Hospital in the Indian state of Tripura. He was treated there for 6 months. At the end of the war, Nuru Mia returned home with him. Then all the documents of Nurjahan’s treatment were lost. But he still did not get any recognition as a freedom fighter.

They further said that they had nothing but a house vita in Akhaura. After the war, their father sold the vita. In 1986, his father moved to Kulaura with his wife and children in search of work. As a landless person, he took shelter in Langla Khas area of ​​Tilagaon union of the upazila. Since 1998, his father Nuru started receiving honorarium as a freedom fighter. Send them abroad by borrowing some more money including savings allowance. In 2015, Mubarak bought some land in West Gurabhuiyan of Brahmanbazar Union and built a house. He grew up there with his parents and family members.

They added that their mother used to limp due to injuries. Now you can’t do that. Besides, his memory was good for so long. About a couple of weeks ago, I suddenly started losing my memory. The doctor then took Saeed to Enam’s chambers. On his advice, he was taken to Osmani Medical College Hospital in Sylhet for treatment. He has been brought home as his condition has improved a bit.

Relatives of Nurjahan’s family now claim that three members of our family died during the war of liberation. Our mother also took part in the war with our father. Our mother is a freedom fighter. But he is deprived of all government facilities. Now we want recognition of our mother’s freedom fighter. Besides, I am making a humanitarian appeal to the Hon’ble Prime Minister to take initiative in this regard and take measures for the better treatment of our mother.

Sylhet MAG Osmani Medical College Hospital Assistant Professor (Department of Psychiatry) and Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association. Md. Saeed Enam said, ‘Nurjahan had some memory when he was brought to my chamber. While giving the history of his illness, he gave a detailed account of the incidents of getting injured during the liberation war. He also said that he got a head injury. X-ray of the woman’s brain shows the location of a piece of mortar shell inside her brain! Such events are miraculous and wonderful. In the last 50 years, pieces of this shell have melted about a third of his brain. In the language of medical science it is called ‘parenchyma’. Surviving 50 years with a piece of mortar shell inside the brain is a rare occurrence for medical science around the world. And Psychotric Prison

Being present with the station is also very rare in medical science. So far only 5 cases have been found in the journal.

He added that the important thing is that even though he feels a little better with the current medical treatment, this heroic freedom fighter needs a better treatment with the help of the Neurosurgery Neuropsychiatry Board. It could also be the operation to remove a piece of mortar shell from inside his brain and remove the decayed part of the brain as far as possible. Surgery may improve the condition. However, it is expensive and risky. If possible, this operation may have to be done abroad if not in the country.

Kulaura Upazila Nirbahi Officer ATM Farhad Chowdhury said, “I will talk to the Deputy Commissioner Sir for his overall investigation and medical assistance.” The upazila administration will always be by his side to cooperate with him.

Moulvibazar Deputy Commissioner Mir Nahid Ahsan told Kaler Kantha on his mobile phone, “I came to know about the matter through you.” If I make a written request for his treatment through the Upazila Nirbahi Officer and the Upazila Health Officer, I will bring the matter to the notice of the higher authorities of the government.