May 17, 2021


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It is uncertain to go for Hajj from Bangladesh this time

Concerns are growing over whether it will be possible to perform Hajj from Bangladesh to Saudi Arabia again. At least five months before the start of the Hajj, all the preparations for the Hajj from Bangladesh are finalized. There are only three months left for the Hajj this year, but the government has not yet made a decision on the Hajj from Saudi Arabia. The Ministry of Religious Affairs is working from a precarious position whether it is possible to go for Hajj from Bangladesh or not. However, the ministry did not have a chance to make an official announcement until it received a message from Saudi Arabia.

Hajj has been held internally to a limited extent last year. One lakh 36 thousand pilgrims were supposed to leave Bangladesh last year but no one could. The holy Hajj is performed in Saudi Arabia on the 8th to 12th of the month of Jilhaj in the year Hijri. Coronavirus, the world’s largest religious gathering, was closed internationally last time due to the coronavirus. The impact of the second wave of corona is likely to be closed again. Sources in the Ministry of Religion think that it will not be possible to perform Hajj, at least for the worshipers of Bangladesh. However, they do not think it is time to officially announce the matter. But the surrounding situation is giving negative news. Oman, a Middle Eastern country, has recently been banned from entering Bangladesh.

According to the concerned sources, Bangladesh is also considered equally with the serious situation of corona infection of India abroad. Indian nationals have also been barred from entering Oman. Oman has even placed Bangladesh-India travelers on the ban list.

Bangladesh ranks fourth in terms of number of pilgrims going to Saudi Arabia. Bangladesh has always been in touch with Saudi Arabia about Hajj. Saudi Arabia also attaches special importance to Bangladesh. Although it depends on the sighting of the moon, according to the official calendar, Eid-ul-Azha may be held on July 21. The Hajj may start on July 19. As such, the flight schedule of Hajj pilgrims should be fixed in March. But due to uncertainty, the Ministry of Religion did not start the work of the final phase even though other works related to Hajj were completed.

State Minister for Religion Faridul Haque Khan told Kaler Kanth, “We have not received any positive or negative message from Saudi Arabia about Hajj. So I can’t say anything definite about the Hajj. ‘

Replying to a question, the state minister said, “The situation is very negative due to coronavirus. Anyone can say it only after analysis.” Otherwise, everything in Hajj would have been finalized in so many days. But I can’t say that from the responsible place of the government. Because the possibility did not end at once. ‘

Private Hajj agencies are counting down the hours as there is no definite message. More than 90 percent of the Hajj pilgrims in Bangladesh are managed by private Hajj agencies. Shahadat Hossain Taslim, president of the Hajj Agencies Association of Bangladesh (HAB), told Kaler Kanth: “Saudi Arabia has not yet said whether any pilgrims will be taken from Bangladesh. We hope that if the Hajj is held in a limited way according to the situation, there will be an opportunity to go for Hajj from Bangladesh as well. But it depends entirely on Saudi Arabia. ‘

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Religion has urged those who want to go for Hajj in mid-March to take two doses of Corona vaccine in mid-March as the first wave of Corona has recovered. At that time, there were indications that a limited number of pilgrims would also be taken from Saudi Arabia. The second wave of corona changed everything quickly.