May 8, 2021


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551 Alems demanded to ban Hefazat by declaring it a ‘militant organization’

Top 551 clerics of the Sunni group Ahl-e-Sunnat wal Jamaat-e-Bangladesh have demanded that Hifazat-e-Islam be banned as an “extremist militant organization” for inciting chaos in the society through anti-state provocative and arrogant rhetoric and violence. According to them, Hefazat is interfering with the basic rules of Islam to cover up heinous crimes in the name of destructive activities and human marriage or contract marriage from the ambition of seizing state power. The scholars of the country are ashamed of their actions.

This was stated in a statement sent to the media by Ahl-e-Sunnat Wal Jamaat on Saturday (April 24) morning.

In the statement, the scholars said that Islam does not support engaging in social injustice, destroying state property and causing loss of life and property. Desh-Millat-Madhhab is never safe for individuals or organizations involved in such destructive activities. They have been spreading violence since Hefazat was born in 2010. Sometimes the preacher of Islam is threatening to demolish the Mazar-e-Khanqah Sharif of the saints of Allah. Once again, they want to establish extremist militancy in the country by publicly threatening to attack the majority Sufi masses of the country.

Noting that the basic tenets of Islam have nothing to do with Hefazat, the Sunni scholars said, “The whole Alem community today is ashamed of the ambitious and destructive activities of the Hefazat in the name of Islam Hefazat.”

Referring to the controversial marriage of Hefazat leader Mamunul Haque, Sunni clerics said in a statement that marriage is the legal form of marriage between men and women in Islam. God has made marriage lawful, and has forbidden all illicit intercourse outside of marriage. The consensus of all Imams, including the Imams of the four Madhhabs, is that it is completely haram to have contracted temporary sexual relations as opposed to nikah and is a punishable offense in the eyes of Islam.

The statement further said, “At present, some responsible leaders of Hefazat have been trying to interfere in the basic tenets of Islam for thousands of years in order to protect Islam. Showing the audacity to introduce contractual temporary marriage by changing the eternal provisions of the law; Which will encourage free iniquity, sex in the society and the youth to go in a perverted way. The wrong message about Islam will arrive. On the other hand, it will break the Islamic social norms and family norms and show the way to create social unrest.

The scholars further said, “The so-called officials of Hefazat are trying to use Islam as a shield to cover up their heinous crimes. Sometimes it is a matter of human marriage or sometimes it is a contract marriage, but the decision of the Shari’ah is to consider and observe everything – contract marriage is forbidden in Islam. Therefore, it has been decided in Islam that those who are involved in such activities should be stoned to death if they get married.

In a statement, they called on the government to ban Hefazat by declaring it an extremist militant group. Maintain peace and order in the country. Establish full government control over the Qomi educational institution-boards which are against the prevailing education policy, laws and policies in the country.

Leaders of Ahl-e-Sunnat have also called on the people to sever ties with the militant group.

It may be mentioned that on the golden jubilee of independence, the leaders and activists of Hifazat clashed with the police in different parts of the country including Chittagong’s Hathazari and Brahmanbaria on March 26 over the visit of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to Bangladesh. At least 18 people were killed. The government has taken a tough stand against Hefazat after the violence in different parts of the country and the violence in various public and private establishments. Meanwhile, several top leaders, including Hefazat’s joint secretary general Mamunul Haque, have been arrested.