May 8, 2021


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I have given money, we have to give ‘vaccine’: Papun

Nazmul Hasan Papon, managing director (MD) of Beximco Pharmaceuticals and president of the Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB), said it was not acceptable to give the vaccine with advance money. No other country has paid in advance, not even India. So we have to vaccinate.

He was speaking to reporters after receiving a second dose of corona vaccine at Kurmitola General Hospital in the capital on Saturday (April 24th) at noon. Papon took the first dose of the vaccine on February 15.

He said the government would not give the vaccine to Serum as per the money given in advance, which is not acceptable in any way. The government should tell Serum in clear language that we have to give the vaccine in advance.

Papon said that according to the agreement with the Seram Institute, one and a half crore dose of vaccine should be given so far. The government has paid the full amount but has received only 6 million. For the remaining 6 million doses, the government should put pressure on Serum.

In response to a question about the cricket team, Papon said, “We have won by going to their country before with the West Indies.” This time I lost the test. We were not good in the test. We also lost 3-0 in the previous ODI series. I don’t want to talk about Afghanistan.

He added that many of those who went to New Zealand went there first. The conditions there are also difficult. He has caused problems. Look at the Sri Lanka series. Shantar will be the first to be named among those who are doing well there.

In addition to Oxford AstraZeneca, the government is pushing for the final approval of the vaccines in a short time following the recommendation of Nightag (National Immunization Technical Advisory Group) to import and use six more vaccines in the country. A meeting of Nighttag on Thursday reviewed the overall aspects of the 12 tickers approved for emergency use in the world so far and advised the government to consider the applications of various organizations in the country. In addition to importing two of these vaccines, the government can allow production if it wants. Efforts have been made by the government as well as various importing pharmaceutical companies to take the process forward. Even on Friday, some companies contacted various levels of government to get the permits in a day or two. Several companies have requested a separate letter from the government directly to the company that invented and manufactured the vaccine.

Kaler Kantha was told from the responsible level of such an organization that the concerned vaccine manufacturer of the country from which they have applied to the government for vaccination wants the Bangladesh government to send their letter. Because the company had been showing interest in vaccinating Bangladesh since January through this local agent, but then the Bangladesh government did not show interest.

A senior official at another local pharmaceutical company told Kaler Kanth, “It would be very important if the government approves us and at the same time sends a separate letter to the company from which we will get the vaccine.” Because we are just their agent and a commercial organization. They will consider the matter with us that way. It may be too late to bring the vaccine to the country. And the company has already informed us that it will take special consideration if it receives a letter from the government. ‘

“We have plans on how to bring the vaccines, how to preserve them after they are brought into the country, and how to give them to the people,” the official said. Hopefully, with the government’s approval and letter, the next process can be completed and the vaccine can reach the country within a month. ‘

Meanwhile, an official of the Ministry of Health in charge of vaccination told Kaler Kanth, “We are now giving utmost importance to the issue of vaccination. Even on the day of closure, we are keeping in touch with them at different levels and taking various steps forward. ‘He added,’ Those vaccines will be approved in two-three days. However, it may take some time to complete the production agreement with the two countries. However, we have already made a policy decision.

Note that the six vaccines include the vaccines of Modernna, Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, Spinok V of Russia and two Chinese companies. Of these, Spinnik V and a Chinese company are reportedly in the final stages of contracting for vaccines as well as locally produced vaccines. In this case, the country’s four largest pharmaceutical companies are working to produce the two vaccines in the country. It is learned that the government is trying to reach an agreement between the institutions. Discussions were going on till yesterday that two or three companies could go for joint production of a single vaccine.

Meanwhile, sources of several companies said that in January-February, when some companies came forward to export vaccines to Bangladesh on their own initiative, they wanted lower vaccine prices. Now that the government has shown interest, they are expecting those companies to raise prices a little more than before. Vaccines made in the United States were priced between থেকে 15 and তখন 40 at the time, but can now go up to থেকে 20 to ৫০ 50 or more.