May 8, 2021


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The government is going for the ‘no mask no service’ formula by lifting the ‘lockdown’

The government is moving towards the ‘no mask no service’ formula by lifting the ongoing strict restrictions or ‘lockdown’ considering the livelihood of the people. Shops and shopping malls will be open from Sunday. The Cabinet Division on Friday issued an order to keep shops and shopping malls open from 10 am to 5 pm.

Public transport is associated with the opening of shops and shopping malls. However, the cabinet order did not mention anything about this. However, it is expected that a positive decision will be taken soon regarding the introduction of public transport.

Following the decision to open shops from Sunday, bus owners have also demanded the introduction of public transport. The transport owners want to operate the transport from April 29 in compliance with the health rules. The transport owners have also discussed the matter with Road Transport and Bridges Minister Obaidul Quader and the secretary.

Khandaker Enayet Ullah, secretary general of the Bangladesh Road Transport Association, told the media that discussions have been held with the Minister of Road Transport and Bridges and the secretary on running the bus. No decision has yet been made to run the bus. But I hope I will be able to run the bus from April 29.

However, an official of the cabinet department said on condition of anonymity about the launch of public transport, ‘Eid is ahead. If public transport or long-distance bus service is decided in the capital at this time, there will be no lockdown. It is not possible to say anything about the final decision on public transport before April 26.

State Minister for Public Administration Farhad Hossain told the media on Friday afternoon that the ongoing ‘lockdown’ would continue till April 28. Shops and shopping malls are being opened keeping in view the life and livelihood. It must be ensured that no one buys without a mask.

Despite the decision to open shops and shopping malls, the state minister for public administration said when asked when the public transport will run, the decision will be known from April 26. After April 26, there will be no more strict lockdown, traffic restrictions will be relaxed. However, ‘No Mask No Service’ will be ensured.

The state minister for public administration said, “We have to go after the mask.” No one should go out without a mask. Everyone from the upper class to the lower class of the society should wear a mask. No Mask No Service will be strictly enforced.

Offices, courts, public transport and shops and shopping malls were closed on April 14 after a severe lockdown began due to increased corona infection. On Friday, the cabinet department decided to open shops and shopping malls from April 25 in a directive.

Earlier on April 17, the Bangladesh Shop Owners Association held a press conference at the office of the New Market Businessmen’s Association in the capital and demanded that shops and shopping malls be reopened from April 22.

After giving permission to open shops and shopping malls, the transport owners have demanded to start the bus from April 29.

The Ministry of Railways has also hinted that the train will start operating after April 26 in accordance with the health rules before Eid.