May 8, 2021


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The newborn was crying on the sidewalk late at night, police said

Police have rescued a newborn from the sidewalk of GEC Junction Premier University campus in Chittagong metropolis. The child was rescued on Friday (April 23) and admitted to Chittagong Medical College Hospital. According to local residents and police sources, a man named Al Amin heard the baby crying under the house and went there to see the newborn on the sidewalk. Police rescued the girl around 2:15 pm after calling the National Emergency Services hotline number 999. At present the newborn is undergoing treatment in Ward No. 32 of Chittagong Medical College Hospital.

Chawkbazar Police Officer-in-Charge (OC) Mohammad Alamgir said the newborn was rescued at around 2.15pm and taken to Chamek Hospital. The condition of the child, who weighed about one kilogram and seven hundred grams, was critical when he was admitted to the hospital. The situation improved around 4 am.

He added, ‘We are taking care of the newborn. I am arranging everything that is needed. The next decision will be made after 24 hours of doctor’s observation. CCTV footage has been collected to identify those who have left newborns on the sidewalk.

Earlier, on February 20, 2016, at 10 pm, the then officer-in-charge of Akbarshah Police Station Mohammad Alamgir rescued another newborn from a dustbin in Kornelhat area of ​​the city. The baby was named ‘Ekush’ because it was rescued before the first watch of Ekushey. Ekushey was later handed over to a couple by the court.

The Corona situation in India is now in dire straits. The number of Corona victims is increasing rapidly. There are no hospital beds. Has created an acute oxygen crisis. Doctors are feeling helpless in this situation. The family members are not able to stay even in the last journey. At this time many people are coming forward with the help of people. There are several Bollywood stars in it.

Stars like Sushmita Sen, Sonam Kapoor, Bhoomi Pednekar, Gurmit Chowdhury have come forward to serve the people in Corona. A few days ago, a hospital in Delhi did not have oxygen, helpless doctors. After watching that video, Sushmita herself arranged some oxygen cylinders. He later posted on his Twitter account asking for help as he did not know how to get it to the hospital. Similarly, Pednekar himself is ready to give plasma and tells people to give plasma. Land wants to reach out for all kinds of help starting from oxygen. He also made a post on his Instagram. Then many people contact the ground to give plasma. The actress has taken to the field with all that.

Television actor Gurmeet himself has made a post through social media. And created a team that is delivering oxygen, injections, to those affected by cavities. He is even arranging how to get a bed in the hospital.

Sonu Sood has been by the side of most people during the Corona period last year. He delivered the workers home on his own responsibility. Arranged treatment.