May 16, 2021


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Kumudini Hospital takes 100 rupees as corona test and the remaining 400 as ‘expenses’

It has been alleged that patients with corona symptoms at Kumudini Hospital in Mirzapur, Tangail, are being charged Tk 500 per person for collecting corona test samples. However, it has been found out that the authorities of Kumudini Hospital are paying the prescribed fee of Tk 100 to the Upazila Health Complex along with the collected samples. This has caused a lot of anger among the patients and their relatives.

Kumudini Hospital’s AGM (Operations) Animesh Bhowmik said the money was taken for travel expenses.

It is learned that the government has fixed a fee of Tk 100 for patients with corona symptoms at the Upazila Health Complex and Tk 300 for the health workers of the Upazila Health Complex if they collect samples from the patient’s home. Mirzapur Upazila Health Complex Medical Technologist (Lab) said. The Jewel Hossain Complex collects samples of patients with corona symptoms on Sundays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays of the week. Sources at the health complex said that samples were not collected outside the complex due to lack of manpower.

Meanwhile, the hospital authorities are charging Rs 500 per person to collect samples from patients with corona symptoms at Kumudini Hospital. On April 13, Kumudini Hospital collected samples from six patients, five from April 17 and 10 from April 22 and sent them to the Upazila Health Complex. A fee of Rs. 100 each is submitted along with the sample. It is learned that the authorities of Kumudini Hospital left the remaining Tk 400 for expenses. This has caused anger among the patients and their relatives.

Kumudini Hospital, Warshi Union, Kawaljani village Amena Akter’s daughter-in-law said. Monir Hossain said the Kumudini Hospital authorities had charged a fee of Tk 500 for his mother-in-law’s corona test.

Santosh, son of Sumita Rani of Kortia area of ​​Basail upazila, who is undergoing treatment at Kumudini Hospital, said his mother was admitted to Kumudini Hospital three days ago with heart problems. Aruna Sarkar, daughter of Surban Sarkar of Sakhipur upazila, said her mother was admitted to Kumudini Hospital last Monday with cold and fever. Bedena, daughter-in-law of Shahravanur of Quichtara village in Bhadgram union of Mirzapur upazila, and her son-in-law Mahmud said they were admitted to the third floor of Kumudini Hospital on Saturday with fever and vomiting. Bikash Juhani, son of Jusuda Rani of Bhadgram of the same upazila and Abdur Rahman, son of Hasna Begum of Baniyara village of Jamurki Union said they were admitted to Kumudini Hospital 4/5 days ago. Kumudini Hospital authorities collected samples for corona examination of 10 patients including them last Wednesday. According to the relatives of the patient, the hospital authorities have taken Rs 400 more from each of them than the fee fixed by the government.

On Thursday, Kumudini Hospital authorities sent 100 samples of 10 people from the Upazila Health Complex for 100 rupees. The rest of the money was reportedly kept by Kumudini Hospital authorities for expenses.

Kumudini Hospital AGM (Operations) Animesh Bhowmik said no one was interested in collecting samples from patients with corona symptoms. There is also the issue of travel expenses. Although it was taken at Rs.500, a fee of Rs.100 was submitted to the health complex along with the sample. The rest of the money is kept for sample collection and travel expenses, he said.

Kumudini Hospital Director. Talking to Pradeep Kumar Roy, he said that a fee of Tk 200 has been fixed instead of Tk 500 for collecting samples of Corona test from Thursday afternoon.

Tangail Civil Surgeon. Abul Fazl Md. Talking to Shahabuddin Khan, he said that the government fixed fee is 100 rupees. Kumudini Hospital authorities can charge an additional Rs 100 for their expenses in addition to the government fee. He said he would take legal action if more was taken.