May 17, 2021


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What will Mirza Abbas answer? Curiosity in BNP

What will Mirza Abbas answer? Curious BNP leaders and activists at all levels are waiting to see how Mirza Abbas will explain the explosive statement. Because many people think that his ‘future’ in the team depends on that interpretation. However, old and renegade leaders like Mirza Abbas are less likely to be easily expelled. Even after that, there is no end to the curiosity of the BNP leaders and workers as to whether he will answer ‘soft or hot (hard)’. However, the senior members of the BNP are not willing to open their mouths about Mirza Abbas, a member of the Standing Committee of the BNP’s highest policy-making forum. Pro-Abbas leaders are also silent for strategic reasons.

It is learned that the acting chairman of the party Tareq Rahman has taken a tough stance on Abbas’s statement. He wants to maintain the team’s ‘chain of command’ at all costs. He says a waiver on Abbas’s remarks would create more opportunities to speak out against the party in the future.

In response to Abbas’ statement, various human rights organizations have demanded that Tarique Rahman clarify the BNP’s position on the missing Ilias Ali issue, according to various sources. Tareq Rahman has been in political asylum in London since one-eleven. According to many, Abbas’s remarks have left him somewhat embarrassed.

In a virtual meeting on April 16, Mirza Abbas, a member of the party’s standing committee, gave new information about BNP leader Ilyas Ali after nine years of disappearance. He blamed some leaders inside the party for Elias Ali’s disappearance. However, without mentioning the names of those leaders, Abbas said, “Everyone knows those people hiding inside the party.” He also said that the Awami League government did not disappear Ilyas Ali.

In his speech, BNP acting chairman Tarique Rahman directed to clarify the issue when the BNP started fighting inside and outside. As well as making a written statement to remove the confusion, he asked to read it at the press conference. But without considering that, he held a press conference at his home in Shahjahanpur on April 17 and accused the media of misrepresenting his statement. As a result, he became angry over the incident and directed to send a letter asking for an explanation for Abbas’s statement. According to him, the letter signed by the party’s secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir went to Abbas’s house on Thursday, April 22.

According to sources, Abbas will have to reply to the letter by April 28, three working days later. In such a situation, a virtual meeting of the BNP standing committee is scheduled to be held on Saturday, April 24. Some think Abbas’s remarks could be discussed there. Again, according to many, you may not be able to come to the discussion as you have a day to answer.

Meanwhile, sources close to Mirza Abbas said that although he was a little upset, he had not yet thought about replying to the BNP’s letter. However, some of Abbas’s close associates are in touch with one or two senior BNP leaders. Some of them say it would be better for Abbas to be flexible rather than harsh. This will avoid clashes with the high command of the party. Again, there is some concern whether the team will take action even after giving a flexible explanation. According to sources, this is why some of Abbas’s close associates are afraid to give him advice.

Talking to Kaler Kantho, a leader known to be close to Mirza Abbas said, “How will Abbas explain the statement?” He explained in a press conference that day. But then it was not right to ask for an explanation again.

However, he admitted that the results would have been better if he had read the statement made by Tariq Rahman.