May 16, 2021


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Job fields are growing in a few sectors

Bdjobs ( is the largest online job search platform in the country. So far, more than 1.5 million candidates have got jobs through bdjobs. Fahim Mashroor, Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of bdjobs The Corona situation last year had a negative impact on the job market. How is the job market this year?
The job market conditions were very bad last year due to Corona, with most companies shutting down the recruitment process. In four or five months, the job market fell by 60-70 percent. From November the situation began to become somewhat normal. The job market returned to almost the same position in November-December as it was before Corona. This was the case till March 2021. But the job market has shrunk by 30-40 per cent in the last couple of weeks since the start of the second wave of Corona at the end of last month (March).

What is the flow or amount of job advertisement on your site at this time? What kind of organization is giving more notifications at this time? What kind of job or position seems to be in high demand?

Currently, the demand for e-commerce and similar organizations and logistics services has increased. The logistics sector has created the most jobs in the last few years due to a number of reasons, including the Corona situation. Logistics has hired a lot of people in the last one year to facilitate the delivery of goods across the country. As jobs at the executive level in the logistics sector have increased, so has the demand for deliverymen. Deliverymen, Supervisors, Logistics Experts প্রচুর lots of new jobs have been created and the opportunities will increase in the coming days. With the introduction of home office, the demand for IT and networking people has also increased.

The demand for sales people was already there, with digital marketing and SEO skilled people being hired. Due to Corona, the demand for manpower in pharmaceutical centers and diagnostic centers has increased.

However, (before Corona) recruitment was much lower in the sectors in which more people were usually hired; One of them is the garment sector.

What is your advice for those who have lost their jobs in Corona and are currently looking for a job or looking for an alternative?
For those who have lost their jobs due to corona, the advice is to be patient at this time. You can acquire skills without wasting time. There are various trainings or courses online; These can be done. Another thing is that those who have lost their jobs need to be a little flexible. Even if the salary is relatively low, one should join an organization, because if there is a gap in the career, it will be a bigger problem in the future. Even if the salary is low, you can take advantage of the new challenges in the new organization as well as use the time. If the situation improves, it may be possible to return to the previous position in a few months.

What is your advice for freshers?
The advice for freshers is to gain experience right now rather than how much a company is paying. Because if you gain experience, the CV will be heavy. Another thing is, since the job market situation is not good now, they can be entrepreneurs. You can start any business online without waiting for 9-5 hours office.

No legitimate work is small. Nowadays, a deliveryman can earn 15 to 20 thousand rupees per month.

Many people say that even after many interviews, the job is not being done … What are the common weaknesses of the candidates?
At present, the common weakness of the job seekers is the subject that the candidate has studied, in many cases his weakness remains. They have less practical skills, less ability to apply practically. Memorization is more prevalent in our academic system, so it is a problem when it comes to real work. They also lack communication skills. Communication weakness is not just a linguistic weakness, it is a weakness of not being able to explain something to someone. Many have weaknesses in writing skills, cannot write correctly. For those who cannot communicate properly (whether Bengali or English), institutions usually do not allow them for recruitment. Candidates should know professional disciplines.

What is the way to overcome these problems?
When given the opportunity to get involved in any work according to one’s condition. Most of the work related topics and management are learned in the work environment. It is also important to be dedicated to work, to create a working mentality.

What is your advice on CV or resume?
Creating a CV is not that difficult at present. In this age of online, it is very easy to know the appropriate format of CV. Most organizations have to apply online, there are online forms. If you wish, you can also create a CV by filling in the appropriate information on Bdjobs or LinkedIn.

What is your advice for those who have opened a profile on bdjobs? In this case, the candidates are usually making more mistakes?
For those who are opening a profile on bdjobs or creating a CV on bdjobs, the advice is to keep the information updated at all times. You have to come to BDjobs regularly to see if there are any suitable job opportunities for him. In many cases a complaint is found that when companies look at the CV and contact them, they are not available. Again, they were asked to come but they were not present on the appointed day. It is a kind of amateur matter. We have this kind of work record in bdjobs. Such candidates

Next time, if any other organization thinks they are eligible, they can look at these old records and re-evaluate the candidate. Due to such unprofessional behavior, many qualified candidates may lose their jobs!

According to your observations, what kind of candidates are getting more calls for the job? What kind of candidates do employers prefer?
If a candidate can prove in the interview that he actually likes the job, wants to do the job, then he is taken even if he is less qualified. Because the companies then think, this candidate is showing more interest in doing the job. If the candidate’s commitment to the job is right, then the candidate is given priority even if there is a deficiency in his other qualifications or skills. Skills deficits become makeup through training. Candidates’ professional ethics and communication skills are also important.

Skills training and courses are being conducted at BDjobs. Who are these for? How important are these?
Training and courses are provided from the beginning of BDjobs. The skills that are required at the professional level are not taught at our academic level. We train them. The purpose of these trainings is not to certify, the main purpose is to improve the skills, to try to fill the gaps where he has in the professional field. Here, the trainer is a specialist in a senior position with 10-15 years of experience in various organizations or industries. We do not bring in any academic person or varsity teachers as trainers.

Many candidates also said, “I can’t get a call even after applying to BDjobs.”
The reason for not getting a call even after applying for a job through bdjobs is that the number of candidates is many times more than the job market. It so happens that after giving the recruitment notification, 3-4 thousand candidates apply for each post.

It has been observed in most of the recruitment process that more than 20 per cent candidates are not called for interview or selection test. For this reason, in many cases, those who are fresher are more likely not to get a call. That’s why I said first of all, those who are freshers have to get into any job first. This will increase his chances of getting a call from another good company. For this, it is most important to get to work as soon as possible.

Interviewed by Khalid Saifullah