May 8, 2021


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10 and a half lakh work ended at a million rupees!

Sunamganj’s Dharmapasha Upazila Dhankonia Haor crop protection dam repair work under the Water Development Board (PAUBO) sub-project No. 6 dam allocation of 10 lakh 64 thousand was allocated, but only 1 lakh of the soil has been cut, the project president and others concerned have complained. .

According to the locals, in the name of Dhankonia Haor sub-project of the upazila, they are digging the soil of the old dam on a high embankment with an excavator and keeping it level. They are trying to embezzle all the allocated money by cutting the soil in this dam unnecessarily.

Apart from this, he has taken away Tk 2,000 for the cost of executing work contracts with the presidents of each project, Tk 2,000 for setting up signboards and another Tk 2,000 for handing over checks to project presidents, said Paubo’s assistant engineer. The PIC has many allegations against Imran Hossain.

It is learned that 160 Project Implementation Committees (PICs) comprising local farmers and people’s representatives have been formed under the Sunamganj Water Development Board (Pawbo) to repair crop protection dams in eight haors of the upazila during the current boro season. In contrast, Paubo has allocated 33 crore 7 lakh rupees this time. Work on the project, which started on December 15 last year and was scheduled to be completed by February 28 this year, was extended by two more phases from Paubo to the dam repair work as the PIC committee could not complete the work on time. But many PICs have dug up the soil of the old dam with an excavator, compressed it and planted nominal weeds on both sides of the dam, showing that the work has been completed and so far they have released about 80 per cent of the allocation.

Apart from this, signboards were supposed to be set up in each project area at the government’s expense, but Sunamganj Paubo Deputy Assistant Engineer in charge of supervising those projects said. Several PICs, who did not want to be named, said that Imran Hossain had taken Rs 2,000 from each project president for signboards and Rs 2,000 more each time they handed over work checks.

On Friday (April 23) at noon, a visit to sub-project No. 8 of the crop protection dam at Dhankonia Haor in the upazila revealed that there was an old dam on a 1 km high embankment. This time Paubo allocated 10 lakh 84 thousand rupees in the name of the sub-project in that unnecessary dam. Siddique Mia, husband of Salma Akhter, a woman member of Sukhair-Rajapur South Union Parishad of the upazila, was made the president of the project. The project president has filled a small broken site in the dam at a cost of only Tk 20,000. Apart from this, he has cut the soil in some places of the dam, but he has dug the soil of the old dam with an excavator, composted it and planted weeds on both sides at a cost of around Tk 1 lakh, said the local farmers.

Rajendrapur village farmer said. Ishaq Mia said, “Even though the dam at Dhankonia Haor is completely risk free and safe, there are plans to embezzle around Tk 10 lakh from the project by showing unnecessary projects and working for lakhs of rupees. Not only that, they are looting millions of rupees by showing many more unnecessary projects in different haors of this upazila like the Paubo dam. Speaking in the same tone, farmers Ratan Mia, Kajal Mia, Bulbul Mia and many others from the banks of Dhankonia Haor.

Siddique Mia, president of sub-project No. 8 of Dhankonia Haor, denied the allegations against him and said, “I have spent around Tk 3.5 lakh on repairing the dam. And with the help of excavators, we have spent about 5 lakh rupees for soil compaction and planting of weeds on both sides of the dam.

Sunamganj Paubo Deputy Assistant Engineer and Member Secretary of the Upazila Kabita Project Implementation Committee. Imran Hossain said that all the projects have been allocated as per the estimates and the PICs have been billed after seeing the work. However, I did not take any money from anyone for paying work contracts, signboards and work bills with PICs and these allegations are completely false and baseless.

Upazila Executive Officer and President of the Upazila Kabita Project Implementation Committee. Muntasir Hasan said so far only 59 per cent of the PICs have been billed for all the projects. I have asked the concerned people to check and save the rest of the work bill properly.