May 16, 2021


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Affected by corona in the last working day, Dr. left today. Shamsuzzaman

The newly retired director of the National Institute of Laboratory Medicine and Referral Center (NILMRC), Prof. Dr. Abul Khair Mohammad Shamsuzzaman Tushar (Innalillahi … Rajyun). He breathed his last on Saturday (April 24) morning. On the last working day at NILMRC, Professor Dr. was diagnosed with corona. Shamsuzzaman Snow. After staying at home for a day after being identified, he was admitted to Sheikh Russell Hospital in the capital. He was there in life support.

Earlier, he was the director of the disease control branch of the health department and also the director of IEDCR. Shamsuzzaman.

Professor Dr. Shamsuzzaman Tushar’s village home is in Dhamar village of Kushmail union in Fulbaria upazila of Mymensingh. He passed MBBS from Rajshahi Medical College.

Professor Dr. was a front-line fighter from the beginning of the coronavirus situation in the country. Shamsuzzaman Snow. Since the establishment of the National Institute of Laboratory Medicine and Referral Center, he has been working to play an effective role in the health system of the country.

Not only as a director, but also as a guardian with the encouragement of the officers and employees of the organization. Snow. Under his leadership, a maximum of more than seven lakh samples have been tested in a laboratory in the country alone. He also led the highest number of sample tests in a single day in the country.

Only in the sample test. The contribution of snow was not limited. He has also contributed to the research sector of the country. The renowned medical researcher has also played an important role in emergency genome sequencing to understand the dynamics of corona infection in the country.

Assignment of secondary (sixth to ninth) students of the country has been temporarily suspended considering the existing situation of Coroner (Cavid-19) outbreak. This activity will be suspended until further notice.

The Department of Secondary and Higher Education (Maushi) issued the order on Friday (April 23). Earlier, the assignment was suspended till April 11.

Yesterday’s order said, “Assignment of students from class VI to IX has been suspended till further notice in the current situation of coronavirus epidemic in the country.”

Assignment activities for secondary students have been started in the country since the corona infection was stopped last year. In this activity, students had to write about a specific subject and submit it to the class teacher. Since the educational institution could not be opened, the students were promoted to the next class by evaluating on assignment instead of examination.

The activities were started in the current academic year. But the assignment was postponed because of the Corona epidemic.