May 8, 2021


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Rizia did not get the allowance even in 61 years, he gave justice to Allah

Rizia Begum, wife of Hatem Hawladar of Malipara village in Barabagi union of Taltoli upazila of Barguna died. According to the national identity card, Rizia’s current age is 61 years and 5 months. Despite his age, he has not received any government allowance or assistance. Old Rizia questions how old he will get the allowance.

Rizia Begum lived in the family of her eldest son Habil Hawladar after her husband died 14 years ago. After the death of Habil Hawladar, one of the three sons, last year, he is starving to death. The other two sons, Main Uddin and Shahidul Islam, worked as day laborers and somehow managed their family.

Rizia Begum can walk with the weight of a stick with the weight of age. With age, the body is settling in the disease. The fingers of both hands are also bent. Due to which he cannot eat food with his hands. Daughter-in-law Jasmine Begum to take the helm of the family after the death of her eldest son Abel. Gives a tea-biscuit shop next to the house. Old Rizia always sits in that shop.

The shop is closed due to the epidemic coronavirus, even if it runs a family with the income of this shop. Now they are living a life of starvation. But even at this age, he did not get an old age and widow allowance card.

Old Rizia Begum lamented, “I used to be able to work at home, but now I can’t.” The body does not get the strength of the ball, the fingers of the hand are also numb.

“I don’t get any benefits from the government for widows, VGFs, VGDs and other helpless people,” he said. They did not give me an allowance card even though they repeatedly went door to door asking for help. “I have given justice to Allah, if anyone has mercy.”

Barabagi Union Chairman. Alamgir Hossain Alam Munshi said that there are many old women like Rizia who are eligible for old age and widow allowance. But due to the kinship of the members of the area, these helpless people are being deprived of all government facilities. At present old age allowance or widow allowance is not being given. I will look into the matter when the work of giving allowance starts.

Taltoli social service officer Shafiqul Alam said widow and old age allowances were not being taken at present. After submitting the ID card of old Rizia Begum to my office, if the name of old age and widow allowance starts to be taken later, arrangements will be made to include her name in the allowance after checking her ID card.

Upazila Executive Officer. Kaiser Hossain said that necessary steps will be taken for the allowance card for the old Rizia Begum.