May 16, 2021


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3 marriages with love on Facebook, the fourth ‘came to the woman and saw the police!

Divorced his first wife when the baby girl was four years old. Second marriage immediately after divorce. After that, he divorced his second wife and only broke off the relationship, keeping his name and identity secret. And these marriages took place through social media. Finally, a young man named Abu Raihan Monir (28) was caught by the police when he came to meet the fourth woman.

Abu Raihan Monir is the son of Abdur Rahman, a retired army member from Akashtara village in Bogra Sadar. Monir is working as a salesman for a cosmetics company that has passed Computer Engineering from Bangladesh Institute of Information Technology (BIT) Bogra.

Shajahanpur police sent Abu Raihan Monir to jail through a court on Saturday afternoon after he was arrested in a fraud case filed by his third wife.

According to police sources, Abu Raihan Monir had a love affair with a fourth year honors student of Tekurgari village in Bogra’s Shajahanpur upazila on social media Facebook. Monir then hid his real name and married the girl in June 2020 under a false identity. In February this year, Monir disappeared with Rs 1.5 lakh from his mother-in-law. After not being able to contact Monir, the girl sought the help of the police women and children dex. Police arrested Monir from Satmatha area of ​​Bogra on Friday after using various tricks to trap her in a love affair on WhatsApp.

SI Jebunnesa, an officer of the Women and Children Dex of the police station, said that various details of Abu Raihan Monir’s fraud came out after his arrest. Monir first married a woman named Nishi Akhter in Gabtali upazila of Bogra in 2012. They have a daughter in the family life. When the baby girl was four years old, Monir divorced his wife with the accusation of bad character. Then in 2016, he fell in love with another woman named Sanjida of Pirgachha area of ​​Bogra Sadar and got married for the second time. This world did not last long. When the interest was gone, Monir did not divorce her and only severed the relationship and sat on the pedestal of third marriage. He was accused of cheating on his third wife. Monir has been arrested for calling a woman on social media WhatsApp to meet him as the fourth woman to catch him.

Shahjahanpur Police Officer-in-Charge (OC) Abdullah Al Mamun said the arrested Abu Raihan Monir was a fraudster. After filing the case, he was sent to jail through the court.