May 16, 2021


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Millionaire student leader in drugs

The traders of Tongi, an industrial city adjacent to the capital, know Rezaul Karim (32) by the same name. He is also the General Secretary of the Tongi Government College Branch Chhatra League and the Joint Secretary of the Central Committee of the Chhatra League. Relations with the police are also quite good. It is alleged that he used to take money from peddlers and false traders. He is now in control of the drug trade in Tongi, according to various sources. He has become a millionaire by trading drugs in four years.

Recently, a phone conversation between Rezaul and Saida Begum, a drug dealer in Morkun area of ​​Tongi, came to light. Rezaul is no longer seen in public, his phone is off. Police say they are investigating the phone call.

Gazipur Metropolitan Police (GMP) Commissioner Khandaker Lutful Kabir told Prothom Alo, “We have come to know about the phone conversation between the BCL leader and we are taking the matter seriously.” An official has been given the responsibility to know the details and collect information in this regard.

Rezaul Karim is the son of Hossain Ali of Himardighi Noagaon area of ​​Tongi in Gazipur. Speaking to residents of Himardighi area, it is learned that Rezaul’s father used to sew clothes next to Tongi railway station. Rezaul, the youngest of four siblings, passed HSC from Pubail Adarsh ​​College. After enrolling for a degree at Tongi Government College in 2008, Rezaul Karim took a job at the bus ticket counter to pay for his education. He used to sell tickets. Rezaul’s struggle to continue his studies caught the attention of many. However, no one stood by. That’s when he got involved in drug business. In addition to selling tickets, Phensidyl also started selling. When money comes in hand, one door after another opens. He became the general secretary of Tongi Government College after establishing relations with the Awami League leaders of Gazipur. After that he started selling drugs only by selling tickets. From a retail drug dealer, he is now the controller of the yaba business in the Tongi area, local sources said.


Tongi College Chhatra League president Kazi Manjurul Islam said their committee had expired long ago. He claimed to Prothom Alo that he did not know anything about Rezaul’s involvement in the drug business even though he was involved in politics together.

According to local sources, Rezaul started the politics of the BCL by holding the hand of Safi Ahmed, the organizing secretary of the former Tongi Thana BCL. Phensidyl traded under the shadow of leaders. At that time, he allegedly brought phencidyl from big drug dealers and sold it as retail. A case has also been filed against him at the former Tongi Model Police Station on charges of dealing in phencidyl. But he did not stop. In 2016, he became the general secretary of Tongi College branch of Chhatra League. Local BCL leaders said he had to spend a lot of money to get the post. Married five years ago. There is also a girl. There is no student for many days. Still holding the post of Chhatra League.

After Rezaul got the post of Chhatra League in 2016, he left Phensidyl business and started Yaba business. He allegedly brought yaba from Teknaf and Cox’s Bazar in his own identity and in his own car. In just four years, he has become a millionaire by trading drugs. He has left his rented house in his multi-storey building worth crores of rupees. He also bought a four-katha land on Dattapara Hafizuddin Sarkar Road by trading in yaba. The value of each katha of land there is 35 lakh rupees. Besides, there is a three katha plot on Dattapara Saeed Mridha Road. He also built a semi-finished house there. There are also cases of land grabbing on Tongi West Thana Road. He has also invested in the transport sector.

Friendship with the police
Sayeda Begum controlled the drug business in the field slum of Tongi Bank in Gazipur and the tech slum in Kerani. The recent arrest of him along with Yaba by the DB police is said to be the beginning of a conflict with Rezaul. Sayeda Begum is currently out on bail. After that, Rezaul’s conversation with Saeed came to light. In that conversation, the BCL leader blamed Sayeda for the one lakh yaba of Rezaul brought from Cox’s Bazar.

Chhatra League leader Rezaul Karim’s mobile phone was found switched off when he was called more than once to talk about it. However, Rezaul’s political colleagues say that he has good relations with the police and leaders due to being the general secretary of Chhatra League’s Tongi College. In the leaked phone conversation, Rezaul was heard to say that he used to do whatever he wanted with the former OC of Tongi East Police Station. He would arrest whomever he wanted.

A picture of Rezaul with Tongi West Police Station OC Shah Alam is also circulating on social media. Asked about this, OC Shah Alam said, “I went to a function at Tongi Government College a long time ago. And since Rezaul is the editor of the college, the picture was taken with him at that time. There were many more like me at the event. ‘