May 8, 2021


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Banker Morshed’s family seeks justice from PM

The family was helpless for four years in that torture
Arresting the accused in that case will prove that Sharon is involved
Sharun-Bachchu came with Jabed-Parvez to attack that house
Relatives are worried as no accused has been arrested
Abdul Morshed Chowdhury, a young bank officer, chose the path of suicide due to extreme torture, pressure and insecurity. Morshed’s wife and daughter demanded justice for those who were publicly or behind the scenes. At a press conference in Dhaka yesterday
Sharun Chowdhury called and asked to meet at Radisson Hotel. When my husband did not agree, he said, “Then I am coming.” Then when Parvez and Jabed came to our house and attacked, Sharun and Bachchu were there. They were sitting in the car. Sharon continues to threaten. Parvez also threatened in his name. Sharon did not come forward when some controversy spread including the picture of AK-47 rifle but Bachchu was everywhere as his representative. I did not give his name in the 2019 case. Sharon is influential. Who will provide our security? Not named yet. If properly investigated, if the accused is caught, Sharun, Bachchu and others will come out. ”

Israt Jahan Chowdhury, wife of Chittagong bank official Abdul Morshed Chowdhury, who was forced to commit suicide under the pressure of influential people, described their helplessness in a press conference at Dhaka Reporters’ Unity on Saturday. She demanded the trial of the controversial Sharun Chowdhury, former director of Chittagong Chamber of Commerce and Industry Jabed Iqbal, his brother Parvez Iqbal, Naeem Uddin Shakib, Juba League leader Shahidul Haque Chowdhury Russell and former student leader Arshadul Alam Bachchu responsible for her husband’s death.

He said the influential clique paid Morshed Rs 25 crore to do business. They collected Tk 35 crore from Morshed for that Tk 25 crore. Even after this, the gang demanded another 12 crore rupees by signing unwritten checks and stamps. They threatened in various ways for money, attacked the flat. Exhausted by the ongoing pressure, Morshed wanted to leave the country with his family. The gang then snatched the passports of everyone in the family. Complaining to the police but no remedy was found. On the contrary, the pressure on the police to compromise increases. Morshed Chowdhury chose the path of suicide on April 8 after being disoriented under such pressure for four years. Police are not arresting the influential people even after the case was filed the day after the incident. At the press conference, Morshed Chowdhury’s elderly mother Nur Nahar Begum and infant daughter Mobashbira Jahan Chowdhury Zum demanded justice for the death from Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.

Ishrat Jahan Chowdhury told a news conference, “Two and a half weeks have passed since my husband’s suicide, but the culprits are still out of reach despite the existence of evidence for some invisible reason.” But they have put pressure on me and my family in many ways. At any time, our lives and property could be ruined by Sharon Chowdhury Ganguly. ‘

He told a news conference that on April 8, he named four people and filed a case accusing seven or eight others. Former director of Chittagong Chamber Jabed Iqbal, his brother Parvez Iqbal, Naeem Uddin Shakib, Juba League leader Shahidul Haque Chowdhury Russell and 8-10 other unidentified persons were accused in the case.

Complaining, he said, “In May 2019, Sharun Chowdhury came to our house with 10-12 other youths. Parvez and Jabed got up and broke down the door. Sharun and Bachchu were sitting in the car below. The people below told the doorman that Sharun-Bachchu was sitting in the car. They should not talk. The house was attacked on the instructions of Sharun Chowdhury.

At the press conference, she asked, are the accused not being caught just to save Sharun Chowdhury who was behind the suicide of her husband Morshed Chowdhury? He sought the intervention of the Prime Minister and Home Minister to bring the perpetrators to justice.

Ishrat Chowdhury said that as the pressure to pay extra increased, Morshed told me, ‘I can’t do it anymore. They won’t let me live. They have to borrow money now. Let us flee abroad. ‘Morshed was taken to their torture cell and tortured. He was taken hostage and the passports of everyone in the house were taken with me. The signature on the stamp is taken. Rumors of embezzlement were spread among relatives.

He said, “Maya, wife and children of this world, at what stage can a person leave his position and choose the path of suicide?”

“At one point we lodged a complaint with the police,” he added. The then Deputy Commissioner of Chittagong Metropolitan Police (DC North) Vijay Basak called us. Bachchu was there for Sharon. After listening to them, Morshed was asked to come to an agreement with Tk 12 crore. It is said, if you give that money, there will be no more attacks! The registry stamp was also signed under pressure from the DC’s office. ‘

Describing the harassment, Ishrat said, “Six crore rupees has been paid after signing the stamp. I have proof of paying 35 crore rupees. Even after this, eight cases have been filed since 2016. I have been acquitted of all charges. If my husband was alive, he would be released. ‘

“Even a month ago, I was asked to go to Vijay Basak’s office to decide on the money,” he said. If not, the force will be sent. How did they unjustly harass the influential people without filing a case in the court? On March 8, Juba League leader Russell called and said, “This time there will be a problem.” My question was, “You represent a party.” How do you threaten a person like that? ‘

Ishrat said, “I want a fair trial. And so that no one has to die like this. ‘

At the press conference, Morshed Chowdhury’s mother Nur Nahar said, “I am a man who hurts my four children

I did. My two sons had a happy and organized family. My son died because of them. Another boy is also in mental distress. I want justice for those responsible for my son’s death. ”

“My father was my best friend,” said Mobashbira Jahan Chowdhury, a baby girl. My dad was horribly tortured. Which is why my dad committed suicide. I want justice. I want the intervention of the Prime Minister for this trial.