May 16, 2021


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The BNP wants to close the border with India to stop Corona

The BNP has demanded the closure of all border crossings with neighboring India to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Secretary General Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir made the demand on behalf of the party at a virtual press conference on Saturday.

The BNP secretary general said, “Coronavirus is most prevalent in West Bengal, India.” That is why we think that the land borders with India need to be closed. ‘He said,’ Those who come by air from outside are talking about three days quarantine. I have never heard of such a thing anywhere in the world. These decisions have made the situation in the country fragile. After the lockdown, everyone left Dhaka. Now it is being said again that shopping malls and shops will be opened. All the employees of these organizations went out. They have started to come back again. They will return to the village before Eid. As a result, coronavirus infection will increase dramatically throughout the country. It is necessary to take a planned and coordinated decision considering these issues seriously. But the government has done everything in its tail. ‘

Fakhrul claimed that half of the incentive package announced by the government has not reached the victims. Elaborating on the BNP’s proposal to announce a seven-point incentive package, he said a one-time payment of Rs 15,000 for three months from the state special fund to each of the day laborers, professionals and low-income people most affected by the lockdown in Corona’s second phase. Bring in, prepare a list of impartially distressed beneficiaries, special incentives from state funds in the affected SMEs, institutional and informal industries and agriculture; Providing loan incentives from the state exchequer to the affected industrialists and expatriates without political consideration and arranging capital for the entrepreneurs. At the same time, he demanded a speedy implementation of the BNP’s Tk 7,000 crore package incentive proposal in various sectors in April 2020.

The Secretary-General said that arbitrariness and new uncertainties in the collection of Corona vaccines have left the entire nation hopeless. Today, this corrupt government has put the whole nation at a terrible health risk by giving an exclusive benefit of providing vaccines to a business organization accused of looting the stock market. The idea of ​​collecting vaccines from Russia and China is already too late.

Fakhrul said the government has been arbitrarily arresting and torturing hundreds of leaders and activists of the BNP and its affiliates, including opposition political leaders and activists, eminent scholars and ulama since the day the lockdown began.

Fakhrul said different countries have allocated up to 50 per cent of their GDP to the people to deal with corona. There, in terms of providing financial assistance to the people in proportion to the GDP, Bangladesh’s position is at the bottom compared to other countries in the world. According to the newspaper, the food stock in the country is the lowest this time, only three lakh tons. But it should be at least 11 lakh tons. The food minister is also not able to give a satisfactory answer in this regard.