May 8, 2021


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Manabdardi Raihan wants to hang himself

Sometimes on the side of the Banavasi people in the north, sometimes in the south with the help of the Rohingya camp victims. In his love, miserable children laugh in Eid clothes, helpless people also sit on the pavement for iftar. Disoriented all over Corona, the illiterate people of the village seem to be lost in finding him. Everyone in the village and town knows him as the Tree Fighter, and sick people breathe new life into his blood.

The name of this human being is Mahmudul Hasan Raihan. He lives in the southern district of Patuakhali. He is studying in the government college there in the post-graduate class in accounting. The addiction of the boy who immersed himself in humanity along with his studies. All his service work is popular. And now an Awami League leader is angry and wants to hang himself.

Corona organizes Iftar for low-income people this Ramadan. Iftar activities were going on for several days at the beginning of Ramadan. Raihan and his team also became involved in this work. He could not save it even by announcing to continue the activities till the last Ramadan. Last Tuesday’s ‘storm’ did everything randomly. On the same day, Patuakhali district Awami League president Kazi Alamgir Hossain and some of his associates came to the Circuit House Road area of ​​Sangopang town and attacked Raihan and his colleagues. Iftar activities were thwarted by beating. Then, in a fit of rage, Raihan announced that he was withdrawing from all kinds of service. But for any disaster or helpless people, Raihan and his team were the ‘light of hope’.

Raihan said he got involved in BCL politics in 2009 while studying for HSC at Abdul Karim Mridha College in Patuakhali. Then one of his classmates contracted a complex disease. Financially, the girl’s treatment at Barisal Sher-e-Bangla Medical College was stopped. At one stage, he became an entrepreneur, formed a fund and collected money for treatment. From then on, he started working with the mentality that something has to be done for the helpless people. He formed ‘Our Friends Organization’ with his classmates. All service activities were going on under this name. Then the people of Patuakhali went to the Rohingya camp with the help of Rohingyas under the banner. Then ‘Patuakhali people’ also stood by the Banavasi people of the north. District administration officials, local businessmen, locals, children of Patuakhali who are working in different positions in different areas of the government মানুষের Raihan and his party ‘Patuakhalibasi’ became a humanitarian organization to people of all classes and professions.

“I don’t know why he attacked me and my team,” Raihan said. However, he slapped and kicked me during the attack. He said, have you taken permission? There will be no activities of you and your organization in Patuakhali. With these words, if the people with him chase us for a massive beating, we will run and save our lives. ‘

Two senior Awami League leaders said on condition of anonymity, “The president is a bit of a bad temper type. Suffers from envy. Raihan and his party did not invite him (the president) to do good for them (Patuakhali residents). This is reprehensible. ”

Raihan added, ‘Me and my team tried to create a humane Patuakhali. I have spent important times of my life in human service at risk. I have tried to put a smile on the face of helpless, needy people. If it is a crime, then I want to be hanged. ‘

District Awami League president Kazi Alamgir Hossain did not receive a call on his mobile phone more than once. After several attempts on the phone from Kaler Kantho’s head office, it was not possible to get his statement.