May 8, 2021


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The name of the concern is Movement Pass

Buyers or sellers, if you want to set foot in a shop or shopping mall (shopping mall) out of the house, you need to have a police ‘movement pass’ in your pocket. There are also plans to set up a police guard in front of the shopping mall to verify the ‘new discovery’ movement pass in this year’s lockdown! Movement passes are being given through apps for only three hours. And the seller must stay in the store for at least seven hours. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. On the other hand, due to the closure of public transport, even if one has to go to the shopping mall, the buyer will have to suffer due to the shortage of vehicles. Vendors are also worried about how to reach the shops and shopping malls. Shops and malls across the country are opening on Sunday, continuing such ‘tough’ conditions.

Meanwhile, the owners are preparing to open the shop all day on Saturday with various dangers in mind. They have done the work of cleaning the closed shop, cleaning the floor, removing the extra items of the shop and creating extra space. They also had new decorations for Eid. Eid bikinis will also jump, this is what shop owners hope. They said people are looking for shopping. So there will be no buyer crisis. However, they are a bit upset with the condition of passing the movement given by the government. Apart from this, they think that the closure of public transport is another obstacle for buyers and sellers. Apart from this, the shop owners claim that if the time is less, the crowd will be more in the shops. This will make it difficult for both buyers and sellers to follow the hygiene rules. They demanded to increase the opening time of the shop to 10 pm instead of 5 pm.

I went to the New Market in the capital yesterday afternoon and saw that cleaning work was going on in the market. Stores including Siraj Jewelers, Metro Tailors and Jamdani Stores in the market are being evacuated. At the same time the floor is being washed and cleaned. Dewan Aminul Islam Shahin, President of New Market Business Association and many others are supervising these works. “We are taking a number of steps to ensure hygiene in the markets,” he said. These are not just what we are doing. Owners’ associations have also been requested to ensure that all markets in the country are maintained. Bleaching-mixed carpets are laid at the entrances, hand sanitizers mixed with Savlon are provided, warnings are issued to prevent them from entering the market without masks, etc. . In addition, the store owner will arrange for a separate hand sanitizer in each store, and caution has been exercised to prevent additional shoppers from staying in the store. ‘

According to him, ‘the personal precaution of the buyer is greater than the precaution of the seller. If the buyer sees a crowd in a store, he should go to the empty store without entering. We are reducing the items inside the shop and creating enough space for the shoppers, ”he said.

Not only New Market, but also Chandni Chowk, Gauchia, Mouchak, Baitul Mukarram and other markets of the capital were busy with shopkeepers all day yesterday. Ranchit Ghosh, owner of Sananda Jewelers in Baitul Mukarram, said, “We were already prepared. Even after that I went to the shop today and supervised whether there are necessary arrangements. Many shopkeepers in the market have come today and done the cleaning work. ‘

An all-out lockdown was announced from April 14 to 21 to prevent corona infection. The shops and shopping malls were closed. The lockdown time was later extended by another week to April 28. According to the traders, shops and shopping malls were allowed to remain open from 10 am to 5 pm in accordance with the health rules during the ongoing lockdown last Friday.

Assistant Inspector General of Police (AIG) said. Sohail Rana said, ‘The government has strict restrictions on traffic control across the country. Only those who are involved in emergency services will not need a movement pass. Meanwhile, the government and the police have released a list of those included in the emergency services. All those outside the list are being advised to get a movement pass. ‘The’ Movement Pass’ app was launched on April 13 at the Rajarbagh Police Lines to allow public movement in case of an emergency.

Helal Uddin, president of the shop owners’ association, said, “People do not need a movement pass to go to the market. So our hope is that there will be no obstacle for the movement to come to the market. Even after that, I will demand from the government that the buyers and sellers should not be stopped for passing the movement. Consumers should be able to make the necessary purchases without any hassle by following proper hygiene rules. ‘