May 17, 2021


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The epidemic, the famine of humanity and a Chinese legend

The mind is very bad and restless. No work can be arranged if the mind is not stable. Listening to the news of death every day is breaking my heart. Seeing the deaths of friends and relatives as well as the deaths of the country’s noble children, I wonder if the country will become incompetent? During the Great War of Liberation in 1971, the Pakistanis carried out genocide in this country and also killed the noble children of the country. After 1971, it will be considered as another disaster in the history of this country. In such a situation, it is the responsibility to stay healthy and normal.

I assumed that there would be some change in people’s feelings during the epidemic. People will be more sympathetic to people. The bond between people will be strong. People will realize how fragile life is. Wealth, power, influence, nothing can save people. How helpless people are to a tiny virus called novel coronavirus! Even the great powers of the world’s most powerful countries are helplessly surrendering to the virus. The situation of the powerful people who have nuclear weapons to destroy the planet Earth many times has become like that of any fakir-miskin in the third world today.

I thought that the virus that does not see the rich and the poor, does not see black and white, does not see men and women, does not see atheists, does not see atheists, does not see Muslims and non-Muslims, all the people of the world will stand in line But in reality the opposite is happening.

On the contrary, violence and hatred have increased in the world during the Corona period. Conflicts, wars continue. Due to the lockdown in the country, the poor people of the poor countries have fallen into poverty. Billions of people are living in despair and insecurity. On the other hand, even during this catastrophe, some people have become the owners of huge financial assets. According to a recent Forbes report, the number of billionaires in the world has risen to record levels amid the Corona epidemic. Compared to last year, the number of billionaires in the world has increased by 60 in 2021. In one year, so many people have never been able to enter this billion dollar club before. This time, 493 of the newly added people have become billionaires for the first time. That means one person in the world has become a billionaire every 18 hours.

At the moment there is no information about the newly rich people in Bangladesh. However, the results of a survey on poverty were known. According to the survey, 2 crore 45 lakh people have become poor in the country. As of March 2021, the number of this new poor class in the country is 14.75 percent of the population.

The data were obtained in the third phase of a joint study by the Power and Participation Research Center (PPRC) and the BRAC Institute of Governance and Development (BIGD) from April 2020 to March 2021.

The three-step telephone survey, conducted across the country, looked at the nature of the poverty caused by Kavid-19 and its impact on low-income people.

The study found that in urban slums, current incomes are 14 percent lower than in pre-Covid conditions.

PPRC Executive Chairman Hossain Zillur Rahman and BIGD Executive Director Imran Matin presented the results at an online press conference on the current poverty crisis in the country.

People of various classes and professions have been economically affected by the epidemic. Among them are extremely poor and middle class people. Their position is below the poverty line. There is also a class of people who are not poor but at risk, who are said to be vulnerable, not poor or VNP. It has been observed that the condition of this class of people above the poverty line but below the middle national income line is changing at the slowest pace. Not poor last June, but 82 percent of those at risk were below the poverty line. They were dubbed the ‘new poor’. Fifty percent of those new poor still exist on the list of people at risk. This rate is 59 percent in urban areas and 44 percent in rural areas. According to the study, the current rate of 14.8 per cent new poor was 21.2 per cent in June last year.

The survey said, ‘Although there has been an improvement in employment since last June. Even then Covid had jobs before but now there are eight percent of people who are unemployed. This trend of unemployment is quite alarming for women. One-third of the women who worked before Cavid are still unemployed since June last year. In the case of men, the rate has come down to 16 to 7 percent.

The poor are the most affected by the lockdown. But we created the problem, we mean the beneficiaries of society. And suffering are the poor, the low-income, the day laborers, the poor who eat day in and day out. But they do not have any disease, infection, the number of infected is not worth mentioning. We, the so-called gentlemen, have aggravated the epidemic situation in the name of marriage, gayehlud, bauvat, reunion, picnic, cultural program, poetry reading, drama festival. I have infected myself and made the hospital unusable. There is enough stock in those ‘us’ houses. But what will happen to the poor who are not responsible for this situation? What will happen to their earnings in the lockdown? Who will provide them food?

More than three million people have already died in epidemics around the world. In the second and third wave of the epidemic, the situation in most countries of the world is turbulent. Although epidemic vaccines have been discovered, many countries have not yet been vaccinated. There is no guarantee that people in these countries will be vaccinated in the future. Because those countries cannot afford to buy vaccines. In the meantime, world politics has started with vaccination. Millions of people will remain vulnerable to vaccination.



Have we changed a little in the disaster? On the day I am writing this, the number of deaths due to corona in Bangladesh is 112. The death toll in Corona in the country has exceeded ten thousand. In the last one year we have lost many good children of the country. If this situation is prolonged, there will be a shortage of talented people in the country and the nation will fall into incompetence. But such an incident did not touch or hurt a single class of people in the country. On the contrary, after the demise of many good children, I was shocked to see the reaction of many through social media including Facebook, wondering how people can be so ruthless, rude, rude.

Among the followers of other religions and the Muslim community who have spoken or voted for the liberation war consciousness, secularism, humanity, secularism, etc., a section of the so-called Muslims in this country have publicly said ‘Alhamdulillah’ in the news of their death due to Kovid. Many have also commented on Facebook expressing their hatred towards them. Many people have also given status on Facebook for not teaching janaza to some people.

Private television stations, which are vocal against religious incitement and misinterpretation, have also been targeted. They regularly carry out propaganda against several TV channels and call for boycotts. Journalists and news presenters of these TV channels are also under attack. A few days ago, a female producer of Ekattar TV died of coronavirus during childbirth. I am shocked to see the ugly, dirty and violent reaction of the religious fanatics of the country through social media after his death. The issue cannot help but injure any healthy person in the country. I don’t think it’s possible to make such ugly remarks about a dead person. I have people in our society who are hard to think of, there are people around us.

The producer of Ekattar TV was a Muslim so everyone who attacked him was a Muslim. But after Kabari’s death, the reactionaries belonged to both communities. After Kabari’s death, a group of well-known artists and politicians attacked him and said, ‘Alhamdulillah’. Another group expressed hatred that he had converted.

A few days ago, one of our elder friends died of Kovid. Famous poets and artists of the country got married with love. At least three and a half decades ago today, she had to get married under the country’s customary law. As a result, his wife had to convert. What usually happens in this subcontinent in case of Hindu-Muslim marriage is that the Hindu has to convert. There is no opportunity in traditional religion to leave other religion and adopt traditional religion. However, at present there is a legal opportunity to get married without leaving religion.

That friend of ours was a secular, liberal and humanitarian man from head to toe. He never judged people about religion. Never hurt anyone in life. It is rare in the country that he has practiced art and literature in particular but has not sought his help. It is a great pity that our friend and his wife, who has always been a widow, did not get rid of such haters. He is being punished for the crime of apostasy (!) About forty years ago. And Fenatola is doing such a disgusting job for the sake of humanity. Their statement is so crude and indecent that I am hesitant to quote it. I’m sorry to hear that. In fact, by highlighting this situation, I wanted to explain the current reality of our society.

Religious identity is the main thing for them. Love, affection, kindness, humanity are of no value to them. They gain a kind of indescribable pleasure by hitting the weak points of others, pale the faces of others.

Perhaps society is now full of such perverted, violent, cruel people. They are gaining a perverted pleasure by constantly spreading hatred in the society. This is not just being done by Islamic fundamentalists now. Some people from the minority community have also joined them. I do not believe in the principle of communal behavior against communal behavior or being evil in dealing with evil. So I am also against the cooperation of another radical group to resist one fundamentalist group.

I will end the article with a Chinese legend. God once made a man tired and said to the helpers, I am going to rest, you will make animals. Once at the end of the rest God came and saw that his assistants had made a lot of animals out of reckoning. God said, I want to keep a balance of everything on earth. If we send so many animals made by you to earth, there will be a loss of balance.

The assistants saw that a mistake had been made. It is not possible to kill such a large number of animals before sending them to earth.

A few days passed with this problem. Finally they found a way and went to God and said, God we have found a way. Since I can’t kill the extra animals here, I will send them to the world, but not in the form of animals. I will just make them look like human beings.

As a result, there are two types of people, a group of basic people, that is, people who were created as human beings. Another group looks like humans but in reality they are animals.