May 8, 2021


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If the second test is positive, there are no symptoms Khaleda Zia is fine

Although BNP chairperson Khaleda Zia tested positive for the second time, doctors said she did not have any physical symptoms. They say that oxygen saturation, appetite, body temperature  everything is just as good as a healthy person. There is no cough. There are only a few weaknesses.

Khaleda Zia’s personal physician on Sunday. AZM Zahid Hossain told Kaler Kantha about this information, “We are very concerned about Madam’s health. You can say that his physical condition is being monitored hour by hour. ‘

BNP chairperson is in danger — in response to a question. Zahid Hossain further said, ‘The new corona variant, many patients are positive even after getting better. Again, even if the virus is dead in the body, it comes back positive. I can say that the way she (Khaleda Zia) is progressing is positive. Because there is no symptom of corona in his body except weakness. We hope the next sample test will be negative. ‘

Doctors are hoping that Khaleda Zia’s corona will come back negative in the next five-seven days.

Khaleda Zia’s medical board chief last Saturday night. Physicians led by AFM Siddiqui analyzed his physical condition and the results of various tests. At the time, a member of the medical board. Abdur Sabur, Dr. AZM Zahid Hossain and Dr. Mamun was present. Khaleda Zia’s eldest son Tareq Rahman, his wife Dr. were virtually connected from London. Zobaida Rahman, a few experts from London and the United States.

Later at 12:15 pm, Khaleda Zia came out of the house and told reporters. Siddiqui said the medical board had looked into Khaleda Zia’s new reports and her physical condition. He is better than before, the situation is stable. He added that the dangerous time of Kavid has passed Madame. At that time the complication did not happen. Kavid is free from the danger.

Dr. Siddiqui said, “Khaleda Zia has been at home for a year after her release. At this time I could not do any other physical examination. Now our plan is to do a new test outside of Kavid in the next couple of days. ‘He said,’ We have tested everyone who was at home, like about 14 people. Four of them, including Madam, have been positive. They are all physically healthy, no problem. ‘

Khaleda Zia underwent a CT scan at the Evercare Hospital in the capital on April 15. At the end of the CT scan. Zahid said that according to the CT scan report, there was very little corona infection in Khaleda Zia’s body. That is why he will take treatment from home. Since then, doctors have been visiting his house to check his health regularly.

Incidentally, Khaleda Zia’s corona was identified on April 11.