May 16, 2021


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Special writing, Mom

The sound of a woman’s crying is coming from inside the Shal-Gajari forest in Sakhipur area. Locals heard the sound of crying at around 8 pm and informed the member of Sakhipur Gazaria Union Parishad’s Ward No. 2 about the sound of crying. The ward member informed the chairman. The woman was found in the forest along with the chairman. He is about fifty years old. How he came to this forest, sitting here alone crying, the chairman and other people heard the incident from his mouth. The woman’s house is in Nalitabari upazila of Sherpur. His son, two daughters and daughter-in-law work in a garment factory in Salna, Gazipur. He rents a house in that area. The children and sons-in-law would go to work and this mother would take care of their family. He used to cook and feed everyone. His body was bad for a few days.

Fever and cold-cough. Hearing this, the people of the nearby house thought that the woman had died. They were driven out of the area. The family then left for Nalitabari in a pickup van.

The incident took place on April 14 last year. On the way to Nalitabari, the woman’s children and son-in-law dropped her off in the shawl-gajari forest and said, ‘Mother, you stay here. We will come and take you tomorrow morning. ‘ That suspicion left my mother in the forest. His whereabouts were reported to UNO around 12pm. He arranged to send the woman to Dhaka for treatment. It was half past midnight to make arrangements. The children did this to the mother because of the symptoms of corona. Maybe the foxes of the forest would have eaten him at night if the sound of his cries had not reached the ears of the people. After examination, it was found that the woman was not infected with corona. Leaving the mother, the children fled, but our sympathetic health workers, the ward members of the area, the chairman, the heartfelt people including the UNO stood by her side.

This time it happened on the 10th of April. This mother is also fifty years old. Her name is Rehena Parveen. His house is in Nalchiti, Jhalokati. Teacher of Nalchiti Bandar Primary School. On April 10, he underwent a corona test. After a week, he did not get the result. On April 17, he started having difficulty breathing. Ziaul Hasan Titu, the son of a young banker, bought an oxygen cylinder at home. But the mother’s condition did not improve. Ziaul could not arrange an ambulance or any other vehicle to take his mother to Sher-e-Bangla Medical College Hospital in Barisal. But the mother must be saved. He decided to take his mother to the hospital, 16 kilometers away, on his own motorcycle. He tied the oxygen cylinder to his back with a towel. He put a mask on his mother’s face and put her on the back of the motorcycle. He traveled 18 km and brought his mother to Sher-e-Bangla Medical College Hospital in Barisal. Mother took treatment for six days. But his corona was not identified. While Ziaul was rushing to the hospital with his mother, his younger brother left with them on another motorcycle. Brother’s name is Rakib Hasan. He is a university student. Mother returned home after recovering two days ago.

Both these incidents have caused a great stir through social media. Just as people condemned the mother’s children left in the forest, so did Ziaul’s praise. But unfortunately for Ziaul. His mother and younger brother’s coronary result is negative, he has been positive. Ziaul was not upset by that either. He told Kaler Kantho’s Barisal and Jhalokati correspondents, “What’s in it! My mother is healthy. ‘After reading this news, the people of the country were overwhelmed with emotion seeing the son’s longing for mother.

Who in this world is better than your mother? Who is bigger than mother! There is no more widely spoken word than mother. How many stories, how many songs, poems, dramas, stories, novels and movies all over the world about my mother. How many fairy tales, how many folktales. The village poet writes, ‘There is no one like you, mother.’ Another poet writes, ‘Sweet is my mother’s smile.’ No one wipes my tears with tears, oh my mother, oh my mother. ‘

I once saw a famous bully from old Dhaka rolling and crying like a baby in front of his mother’s body. The area trembles with fear, and he says to his dead mother, ‘Mama Oma Ma, to whom did you go to Raikha? To whom do I stay? Who will see me? ‘

The gentleman is about 60 years old. The mother is around 90 years old. The gentleman’s chest was aching. Disoriented, he thought of the pain in his heart. The children wanted to take her to the doctor. He put his hand on his chest and went to his mother in the next room. Mom sitting in bed. The boy lay down on his lap and cried, ‘My chest hurts so much mom. You move your hand a little. ‘

Putting her hand on the boy’s chest, the mother said, ‘Nothing happened to you, father. There was a little pain. It will be reduced now. Even after that go to the doctor. ‘

Surprisingly the boy’s chest pain subsided. He returned to his room smiling. The matter must be emotional. His mother’s magical hand strengthened his mind.

After the Creator, the mother is the refuge of the greatest affection of man. Only one person can bring peace and comfort in the heart of a child. She is the mother. And we treat this mother inhumanely? I left him in the forest.

This difficult time of Corona has taught us a lot. As we have become inhuman, we have also become human again. In the last one year, the children of the organization have stood by the people risking their lives! Our police force is standing. Doctors and health workers are standing. How many doctors and health workers have attacked themselves to save the lives of corona patientsGave. How many police brothers have been attacked, given lives. No one wanted to read the janaza of the person who died in Corona. UNO itself has conducted Janaza. The youths are providing free oxygen cylinders. Carrying and burying the dead in Corona. People have to stand by people in difficult times. ‘Brihannala’ is an organization of people of the third sex. They stand in front of the hospital with placards in their hands. Helps to get the patient out of the ambulance. Helps to get admitted to the hospital, doing whatever kind of assistance a patient needs, doing it without risking their own lives. The great asset of the Bengali nation is their passion. Let us stand by the people in this day of great danger with that passion, tenderness and love. I help the helpless people as much as I can. And so that no mother leaves any child in the forest. One of us should not be inhuman. Let us remember that for people. No mother should be moved to tears by the negligence of her child. Let us be like Ziaul Hasan Titu. I am ready to do everything for my mother. There is a proverb in Hebrew, “God created ‘mother’ because He cannot be everywhere.”