May 16, 2021


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Five days later, more than a hundred died

The daily death toll from corona in the country was down one arrow for five days. But in the previous 24 hours till 8 am on Sunday, it has become more than a hundred again. With that, the total death has exceeded 11 thousand. However, the daily identification is going down. In the last 24 hours, the detection has increased again, but it is below three thousand.

Earlier, the daily death toll from April 18 to 19 was over one arrow. Of these, 112 deaths were reported on April 19. The next day the number dropped to 91. As of last Saturday, the daily death toll was 63. Yesterday it went up to 101 people again. In other words, the number of deaths has increased to 18 in one day.

Analysis of this data shows that the death toll has been fluctuating around one arrow for two weeks.

Although the death toll has risen in the last 24 hours compared to the previous day, experts say the death toll will drop significantly by the end of this week. If the infection does not go up, there is no risk of death. According to them, the biggest challenge now is to keep the infection down.

According to a press release issued by the Department of Health yesterday, 2,922 people have been identified in the previous 24 hours and 4,301 people have recovered. In all, a total of seven lakh 45 thousand 322 people have been identified in the country so far. Of these, 11,053 died and 6,58,452 recovered. Daily detection rate is 13.33 percent. The recovery rate is 8.21 percent and the mortality rate is 1.48 percent.

The number of detectives in the previous 24 hours till 8 am last Saturday was 2,798. Five thousand 47 people have recovered at that time.

Of the 101 people killed in the last 24 hours, 52 were men and 49 were women. In other words, the gap between male and female deaths is closer than ever before. On the other hand, considering the age, the dead include one child below 10 years, three people aged 21-30, three people aged 31-40, 11 people aged 41-50, 16 people aged 51-60 and 65 people in their sixties. The divisions are 54 in Dhaka, 23 in Chittagong, eight in Sylhet, seven in Barisal, five in Khulna, two in Rangpur, one each in Rajshahi and Mymensingh. Of the dead, 69 died at government hospitals and 32 at private hospitals.

Professor Dr. Be-Nazir Ahmed, a health expert and former director of the Department of Health’s Disease Control Branch, told Kaler Kanth, “Although the death toll has risen in the last four or five days, we do not see it as unusual.” Especially 15-20 days ago, the death rate was proportional to the rate at which the infection was on the rise. However, as the daily detection has been going down for a few days, we can scientifically say that death will come down a lot by the end of this week. The fear, however, is that we will be able to bring the current downward spiral further down, or turn upside down again. In other words, keeping the infection down is a challenge for us. Otherwise, whenever the infection increases, we will see more deaths at the same rate in 15 days — this is science. If we don’t pay close attention to this issue, we won’t get much benefit. “