May 8, 2021


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‘Mamunul involved in Pakistani militancy’

Police have received information about transactions worth crores of rupees as a bank
Remand application showing arrest in 2013 case
Hefazat-e-Islam’s joint secretary general Mamunul Haque visited Pakistan in 2005 and stayed there for 45 days. He came in contact with a Pakistani militant group through his brother-in-law Neyamat Ullah. With training and advice from Pakistan, Mamunul Haque carried out various acts of sabotage in the country for 15 years. The police officials involved in the investigation of Mamunul Haque’s case have said this.

According to the police, crores of rupees have been transacted in Mamunul Haque’s bank. Mamunul has brought crores of rupees from the Middle East in the name of Islam in the education and custody of students of Babri Masjid, Qawmi Madrasa in India. That money is being spent on various extremist subversive activities.

After a seven-day remand in the capital’s Mohammadpur police station for assault and theft, the process of remanding Mamunul in another case began on Monday. He was arrested in a case filed with the Motijheel Police Station in connection with the 2013 Hefazat riots at Shapla Chattar in the capital last Thursday. The remand application is likely to be heard on Tuesday, court sources said. Besides, two more cases have been filed against Mamunul Haque for burning a motorcycle in front of Baitul Mukarram. Two persons named Abab Ahmed Rajabi and Ruman Sheikh filed two cases at Paltan Police Station yesterday afternoon, OC Abu Bakar Siddique said.

On the other hand, the Dhaka Metropolitan Magistrate’s Court yesterday granted a five-day remand to Naib Amir Ahmad Abdul Quader of Hefazat-e-Islam in a 2013 sabotage case. Rafiqul Islam Madani, a ‘baby speaker’, was brought to Dhaka’s Tejgaon police station from Gazipur’s Kashimpur Central Jail for questioning on remand. Tejgaon police SI Shoaib Uddin said they had remanded Rafiqul for five days in a case under the Digital Security Act. Till yesterday, 15 out of 19 leaders arrested in Dhaka were in remand. Some leaders are in the process of being remanded.

Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan Kamal said at a function here yesterday, “Even if talks are held with the leaders of Hifazat, those involved in the brutal incident will be brought under the law.” Those who set fire, those who vandalized, those for whom many innocent lives have been lost must be punished. “Through the investigation, we have found the right evidence. Those we have seen in the video footage are facing the law.”

At a press conference at his office yesterday, Tejgaon Deputy Commissioner (DC) of the police Harun Aur Rashid said that Major Dalim, the killer of Bangabandhu, was Mamunul Haque’s first brother-in-law’s own brother. Mamunul plotted to overthrow the government using Qawmi Madrasa students through contacts with Pakistani militant groups, grenade attack suspects and top two Jamaat leaders.

DC Haroon Aur Rashid said Mamunul’s brother-in-law Mufti Neyamat Ullah had been in a madrassa in Pakistan for 15-20 years. On his return from Pakistan, Neyamat Ullah started teaching at Jamia Rahmania Madrasa in Mohammadpur. Harkatul Jihad (HUJI) leader Maulana Tajuddin, who was sentenced to death in the August 21, 2004 grenade attack, is a close friend of Neyamat Ullah. Neyamat Ullah was also arrested after the August 21 grenade attack. Mamunul also has contacts with Tajuddin.

Haroon Aur Rashid said they have been in Pakistan for a long time with a Pakistani religious organization as a model. In the model of that organization, Mamunul started trying to unite people of all ideologies including Maududi, Salafi, Hanafi, Qaumi, Deobandi, Jamaat in Bangladesh. Mamunul’s own brother Kamrul Islam Ansari is a big leader of Jamaat. His home is at Tekerhat in Madaripur. Through Ansari, Mamunul secretly maintained contact with Jamaat. He is even trying to bring Jamaat under his belt.

DC Harun Aur Rashid said a lot of information was found by recovering a mobile phone of Mamunul. Exciting information has been found about his political ambitions in particular. Huge sums of money came from different countries through his bank accounts and other means. This includes Qatar, Dubai and Pakistan. Money also came from Pakistani intelligence agencies. Sympathy can be easily found by using the name of Babri Masjid. Apart from that, he took this strategy to get help from anti-India people. In this way he has collected crores of rupees from different countries of the world.

Another police source said about Tk 40 crore was found in Mamunul’s bank account. An investigation into financial corruption has been launched against him, including the madrasa.