May 17, 2021


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Today, import and export through Healy land port is closed

Import-export activities have been suspended from Monday morning (April 26) through the land port of Healy on the occasion of the Assembly elections in West Bengal, India. As a result, no cargo truck has entered the country from India through the port today.

Abdul Aziz, president of the Customs C&F Agents Association of Healy Land Port, said the Indian government has decided to suspend all activities at the port, including import-export, on the eve of the Assembly elections in West Bengal. For this reason, no cargo truck has entered the country through Healy port today.

However, the import-export activities will continue as usual from Tuesday (April 26) morning, said Abdul Aziz.

Eventually, the Russian and Chinese vaccines cut legal barriers to import, production and use in Bangladesh. According to the country’s prevailing drug laws and policies, if a drug or vaccine is not approved by the World Health Organization, FDA or four European and three other countries, it was banned from importing, producing or using in Bangladesh. Of the 12 vaccines that have been approved for emergency use in different countries so far, the vaccines from Russia and China did not fall into that category or were not approved anywhere. As a result, since January, both Russia and China have shown interest in producing or exporting the vaccine to Bangladesh, but the Bangladesh government has not agreed to it. But now that the vaccine crisis is looming in the country and the need to use it urgently, vaccination experts recommend lifting the ban. Based on the recommendations, the relevant committee of the government’s drug administration sat in an emergency meeting on Saturday. It was decided at the meeting that if a vaccine is approved by the government of a country after relaxing the legal situation and if the vaccine is considered acceptable by the relevant expert committee of Bangladesh, the government can allow its import, production and use in the country.

Multiple sources, speaking on condition of anonymity, said that with this decision, there is no longer any barrier to the import, production or use of Russian or Chinese vaccines in Bangladesh. The Drug Administration will now be able to consider any application for approval only by verifying the effectiveness or quality of the relevant vaccine. The source said that the agreement process between the Bangladesh government and two or three companies with Russia and China will get more momentum. In this case, the final approval of some ticks may be given in the near future.

Earlier, the six vaccines recommended for final approval at a meeting of Nightaga on Thursday included vaccines from Modernna, Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, Russia’s Spinok V and two Chinese companies. Of these, Spink V and a Chinese company are reportedly in the final stages of contracting for imports as well as locally produced vaccines. In this case, the country’s four largest pharmaceutical companies are working to produce the two vaccines in the country. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. Discussions were going on till yesterday that the three companies could jointly go for the production of a single vaccine.

According to sources, the company of the late MP Aslamul Haque, Maisha Group, had applied to the government to import Russian vaccines to Bangladesh and the process is well underway. But due to the recent death of MP Aslamul Haque, the process became a bit chaotic. As a result, more than a dozen pharmaceutical companies began to work together to import and manufacture Russian vaccines.