May 16, 2021


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Brickwater trucks and trolleys are destroying the road!

Important paved and unpaved roads of Amtali upazila of Barguna have become impassable due to brick water trucks and trolleys. Due to reckless driving of trucks and trolleys on these roads, bricks, pitch, cobbles will rise and large holes will be created. The affected people think that if the roads are not repaired soon, the suffering of the vehicles and the people will be exacerbated.

It has been observed on the spot that most of the important and important unpaved, paved and semi-paved roads of 6 unions of the upazila are used every day from morning till late at night by digging the soil from different areas, ponds and paddy lands with the help of trucks and trolleys. Not only that, due to the soil being carried in trucks and trolleys, the soil is falling on the roads and the roads are being destroyed and dust is being created. Residents living on the side of the road are also going through extreme hardships due to the movement of trucks and trolleys day and night.

Apart from this, local people travel from one village to another including Upazila Sadar through important rural roads of 6 unions. Rural roads are occupied by brickwater trucks and trolleys throughout the year except during the monsoon season. Due to reckless movement on the roads from morning till late night, good roads have broken down and become unusable.

Among the damaged roads are Doctor Bari-Khekuani Via Gulishakhali-Gojkhali Road, Kalyanpur-Chhonautha Road, Khuria Kheyaghat-Tarikata Road, Chawra Talukdar Bazar-Chalitabunia Via Ghatkhali Road, Islampur-Kaunia-Nachanapara Road, Kukuya Sahebya, Kukuya Sahebya Takar Dam Vaya Raibala Road, a part of Amtali-Taltali Regional Road, Mahishkata-Gojkhali Road, Wabda Embankment from Bandra to Charghat, Munsir Hat-Chaula Wabda Embankment and many other important rural roads.

Liton Jomaddar of Gulishakhali village of the upazila said that the road from Doctor Bari to Gojkhali via Khekuani-Gulishakhali Bazar has become dilapidated in the transport of brick soil and bricks. In addition, most of the unpaved roads in the union have been destroyed by brick kilns and trolleys.

Faruk Mia of Kalyanpur (Kalank) village said, our area is dependent on agriculture. With agricultural products we go to the Upazila Sadar through this road (Kalyanpur-Chhonautha). But the way in which the road has been broken due to the pulling of soil in the brick kiln by trucks and trolleys, the misery has reached its peak in the movement of vehicles and pedestrians through this road.

Ferdous, a resident of Kheyaghat, said that due to the movement of brick water trucks and trolleys along the road from Khuria Kheyaghat to Tarikata MP Bazar, soil fell at various places on the road and large holes were created in the road. In the coming monsoon season, there is a fear that the traffic on this road will be completely stopped.

Upazila Engineer. Al-Mamun said brick kiln trucks and trolleys were moving recklessly with high load on the rural roads of different unions of the upazila. As a result, most of the roads have collapsed and become impassable. Measures will be taken to repair the most damaged roads quickly.

Upazila Executive Officer. Asaduzzaman said immediate action would be taken to prevent trucks and trolleys from moving on rural roads with high loads.

Korean cinema is a new genre in the world. These films are becoming increasingly popular around the world. However, the Academy Award or Oscar has been elusive for any Korean actor or actress for so long.

The long wait for an Oscar for acting ended in a Korean film. “Minari” actress Yuh-Jung Yan has won the Best Supporting Actress award at the 93rd Oscars. The 63-year-old actress is overjoyed to win the award.

Receiving the award, Yuh-jung said, “I live on the other side of the world. I saw the Oscar arrangement on television. But I’m here today, I can’t believe it! ‘

Yu-Jung called Lee Isaac Chung, the producer of the movie Minaret, “my captain.” Thanks to the Minari family. “I’m luckier than you,” he joked to the director. ’

Other nominees in the Best Supporting Actress category are Maria Bacalova (Borat Subsistent Moviefilm), Glenn Close (Hilbili Elegie), Olivia Coleman (The Father) and Amanda Sephrid (Monk).