August 6, 2021


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Quader Mirza removed that post and posted it on Facebook again

A post of Bridge Minister Obaidul Quader’s younger brother Abdul Quader Mirza has gone viral on social media Facebook. First, Quader Mirza posted the post on his own Facebook around 4 pm on Saturday. If there are any comments coming down after a while, the post is removed. However, the post was seen on Kader Mirza’s Facebook again at around 8 pm.

The Facebook post reads, ‘Brother big wealth is a blood bond / although the cause of women is different. Abdul Quader Mirza, Mayor, Basurhat Municipality. ‘Quader Mirza also gave two pictures with his post. In one, Obaidul Quader and Quader Mirza are seen hugging. In the other, Quader Mirza is accompanied by his two elder brothers Obaidul Quader and Fazlul Quader alias Mintu and younger brother Shahdat Hossain. Fazlul Karim alias Tamal, son of Fazlul Quader, is standing behind this photo. The post started spreading around 4 pm. If there are any comments under the post, it is removed at around quarter to five in the afternoon. By then, the post had more than two hundred comments. The post is shared about 200 times. Later, at around 8 pm, Kader Mirza’s post was seen again on Facebook.

909 comments have been read till this report game at 11:15 pm. The post has been shared 363 times. It has 6,200 people with various ‘re-actions’ including ‘likes’.
At the bottom of the post, Sabbir Patwari wrote, “Soon these four brothers from a proud family in Noakhali will be seen in the same frame again.” MD Khan Azam wrote, You will get an Oscar for that! Obaidul Quader is now your brother for fear of arrest. ‘Tanvir Ahmed Shakin wrote,’ This is not about two bodies. ‘

Although Kader Mirza mentioned the issue of women in the post, it was not known who he meant by it. He called his mobile number more than once yesterday afternoon and evening but he did not answer. However, locals say that Quader Mirza has recently criticized his fianc (e (wife of Bridge Minister Obaidul Quader) in various speeches.