May 8, 2021


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‘People deprived of vaccinations due to wrong decision of government’

Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir has alleged that people are being deprived of vaccinations due to the ‘wrong decision’ of the government. The BNP secretary general made this remark at a virtual press conference on Monday afternoon. Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir said, “Today there is such a big global epidemic, such a big catastrophe, in that catastrophe the government is just making wrong decisions and their financial relationship is behind the decisions.” As a result of these decisions, people are not getting vaccinated today or are at greater risk. ”

“We talked a lot about the coronavirus vaccine,” he said. The government did not listen then. We said at the time that we should not only bring vaccines from India but also connect with a few more countries and collect vaccines from them. ”

Mirza Fakhrul said, “What is the situation today? The vaccine system that was introduced by the Seram Institute to benefit only one person from India has completely collapsed. Now it has started communicating with China and Russia anew. It will take 4/5/6 months to collect it. The first dose has to be stopped from today. So far, 6 million people have been vaccinated – the first and second doses combined. Stopping the first dose means there is no more vaccine. ”

“Where there is a need to bring hard humanity by vaccinating 125 million people, the government’s incompetence, failure, corruption and profit-making mentality today, as well as the whole nation endangered by resorting to corruption to benefit its own people financially,” he said. It’s done. ”

“What we think is a criminal offense and this is one of the reasons why this government should resign today and leave,” he said.

Complaining that the government has not provided any assistance to the poor low-income people in the ongoing lockdown, the BNP secretary general said, “What is the responsibility of the government?” If need be, they are doing something if they can’t stand by these people in natural disasters. One thing is working – suppressing dissent and at the same time corrupting, building mountains of corruption. ”

The BNP secretary general said that a meeting of the standing committee chaired by the party’s acting chairman Tarique Rahman on April 24 had expressed concern over the depletion of rice stocks and uncertainty over receiving vaccines from India. At the same time, the meeting felt that the health minister should resign immediately for taking responsibility for this failure.

He said the Standing Committee meeting felt that an agreement should be reached with the Government of India for the immediate supply of paid vaccines. In case of birth, we have to take recourse to the law at the international level. ”

Complaining that the government was not sincere in dealing with Kovid, Mirza Fakhrul said, “Like the neighboring countries, we are always worried in this country. The ultimate failure of this government. When it comes to coping, we know there are problems, the population is much higher. But at least that’s sincerity. You will notice where the sincerity? They have committed extreme corruption in bringing these vaccines, even in bringing vaccines to the only organization that has given them the responsibility of being associated with them. Which led to an extreme disaster. ”

Complaining against the government, he said, “You know how the agreement was made in the factories that have been set up in the hospitals, how the false reports have been made. This is their ultimate failure. I said a few days ago, Corona’s medical equipment had been lying at the airport for ten months, they couldn’t get rid of it, the hospital was gone, a new hospital is being built there to save money again. This government is not a government of the people, they have no obligation to the people. ”

Once upon a time, the military forces also took to the streets to control the implementation of the lockdown. Look, this time there is no one but the police force to implement the lockdown. Police are saying from a safe distance that we are helpless. Tell me what to do? There is no way to control anything. Numerous vehicles have landed since the second day. No one will say there is a lockdown in Dhaka city?

“It simply came to our notice then. Bangladesh is spending one-third of their GDP in the corona sector. Afghanistan is also spending more than 2% of GDP. What is it called? It says the government has no obligation to the people. They are increasing their wealth, they are building houses in different countries and they have become the owners of Rs 2/3 billion in the health sector during the Corona period.