May 16, 2021


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Chairman-member arrested in house vandalism case in Boalmari

Faridpur’s Boalmari Upazila BRDB chairman and a UP member have been arrested for vandalizing a house and beating up protesters. The two arrested were sent to Faridpur court on Monday afternoon. According to police and local sources, on the night of April 23, Boalmari Upazila BRDB chairman, Nabir Hossain Chunnu (50), a resident of Baniyari village of Maina Union and UP member of Ward 5 of Maina Union Md. Led by Jamal Mollah, 45, their opponents vandalized six houses, including Pannu Sheikh and Nowsher Sheikh in Baniyari village, beating their people. Pannu Sheikh became the plaintiff in the incident on Sunday, Nabir Hossain Chunnu 1 and Md. Jamal Mollah was made the second accused and a case was filed in the name of 25 people alleging fights and vandalism. Accused Nabir Hossain Chunnu and Jamal Mollah were arrested from Boalmari Municipality on Sunday and sent to jail through Faridpur court on Monday afternoon.

On Monday afternoon, the investigating officer of the case, Sub-Inspector of Police Akkach Ali, said that a case has been registered for vandalism. Two accused in the case have been arrested and sent to court. Attempts are being made to arrest the rest of the accused.

Confirmation of the truth of the fight, said the chairman of the Union Council. Selim said there was a fight between the two groups in Baniyari village over domination. Tried to resolve

Meanwhile, his wife was killed by a heretical husband in Chaugachha, Jessore. The incident is believed to have been caused by a family quarrel. Police recovered the body from the spot and sent it to Jessore morgue. Simultaneously arrested the husband and mother-in-law involved in the murder. The incident took place in Mathpara area of ​​the municipality. The case is being prepared.

According to police and local sources, Ayesha Khatun, daughter of Ilias Hossain of Diapara village in Rupdia, Jessore, got married to Imran Hossain Jewel, son of Hasanur Rahman, a resident of Mathpara in Chaugachha municipality a year ago.

Meanwhile, multiple sources said that Imran Hossain used to read and write in Jewel Hafezia Madrasa. During his studies, he was expelled from two madrasas. He later passed Hafezia from a madrasa far away. Sources said that he did not get a job anywhere in the madrasa line due to his bad character. In this situation he got married. After marriage she worked at the local Divine Garments.

According to the locals, wife Ayesha Khatun used to protest against her husband’s wrongdoing. Their family has been quarreling for some time now. Locals said he was killed for protesting against immoral activities.

Chougachha Police Station Officer-in-Charge Saiful Islam said police received a report of a murder at a house in Mathpara around 3pm on Sunday. Upon receiving the news, we rushed to the spot. There we rescued a woman named Ayesha Khatun dead. Her husband Imran Hossain Jewel, who was involved in the murder, tried to flee after sensing the presence of police. But quickly the police were able to arrest him.

Bilkich Khatun, the mother-in-law of the deceased, was also arrested on the charge of murder. The body of the deceased was sent to Jessore Medical College Hospital for autopsy in the morning. Saiful Islam said that there were marks of injuries on different parts of the body of the deceased. However, it is initially believed that he was killed by suffocation. There are signs of injury to the trachea.