July 25, 2021


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The current government has no legal basis: Anu Muhammad

Anu Muhammad, a professor in the economics department at Jahangirnagar University, said the current Awami League-led government has no legal basis. He says there is no legal basis for the current government to stay in power by force without an election. What is his right to legislate again! As a result, the whole thing is illegal.

Mentioning that the government is running a tyrannical regime by combining law and order, he said that tyranny is needed to retain power, loot and smuggle wealth.

Anu Muhammad said this at a solidarity rally of ‘students-workers-people’ at the foot of Raju sculpture of Dhaka University on Saturday afternoon. Leaders and activists of a section of Bangladesh Students Union organized the rally on the occasion of ‘Anti-Terrorism Raju Day’ with four demands. The demands are the repeal of the Digital Security Act, the release of all ‘political prisoners’, the withdrawal of ‘false cases’ filed against student leaders and the trial of author Mushtaq Ahmed for ‘murder’.
Describing the current government led by Sheikh Hasina as the ‘biggest violator of the constitution’, Professor Anu Muhammad said, ‘Digital security law to intimidate people. They want to silence the people by intimidating them and create a silence in the whole country. How is trafficking possible if people can talk? How is it possible to stay in power without elections if there is freedom of expression? That is why such a law is needed …. If we say that the present government is the main violator, the biggest violator, the biggest violator of the constitution, then there will be no exaggeration. ‘

Anu Muhammad further said that if there is a difference of opinion, he has to deal with it with his opinion. Speaking against words, writing in response to writing, like against opinions — these are the characteristics of any civilized society. Since the government is very strong and claims that they are very popular, if someone criticizes, disagrees or criticizes injustice, and thinks it is wrong, they should have a large number of people who will write and speak in protest. Through that writing and words, everyone in the society can understand which is right and which is wrong. But the government does not want to go this route. Why does the government force, intelligence agencies or terrorist forces try to stop someone when he says something? Why do you have to go to jail for writing and publishing cartoons on Facebook, get injured, die in jail without getting bail?

Chaired by student union leader Tasin Mallick and conducted by Meghmalla Basu, the gathering was addressed by Dhaka University Professor of International Relations Mohammad Tanjimuddin Khan, Anthropology Professor Rashid Mahmud and other student leaders and labor leaders. At the end of the discussion, a cultural program was held at the foot of the Raju sculpture.