May 8, 2021


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Campaign to evict illegal scavengers in Singra

Influential people are preparing to set up illegal hook-nets and bar-nets in the Atrai river and Chalanbil in Singra of Natore in advance. There are still two months left for the flood waters to come. At present, the influential people are preparing to set up these illegal dams and dams to keep the rivers and beels dry. However, recently, the local MP and the state minister for ICT gave a status on the social media Facebook page stating that they are taking a strong stand against illegal sauntijals. After that, the local administration became restless.

On Monday afternoon, Upazila Nirbahi Officer MM Samirul Islam led a drive to evict a number of Banna and Saunti installations in different areas of Nurpur, Kalinagar and Kalom Union.

On the spot, about half a hundred illegal handkerchiefs and bannas were seen in different areas of Kalam, Chamari, Tajpur and Chhatardighi Unions of the upazila.
Abu Jafar Siddiqui, general secretary of the environment and nature movement, said that the people of Singra upazila have been repeatedly affected by the floods due to the effects of illegal sauntijal. The victims have not yet been able to make up for this loss. The people of the whole upazila cannot be held hostage by a handful of people. He demanded the administration to take action against the perpetrators.

Singra Upazila Nirbahi Officer MM Samirul Islam said several illegal sawmills and bamboo installations have been evicted. This campaign is continuing.

BD Daily / Himel

“It is still going on, but if it is like in India, it will be difficult for us to handle the situation,” said Saika Majed. We have two oxygen plants in Narayanganj and Chittagong. These produce 90 tons of oxygen per day. Earlier, the ratio of medical to industrial oxygen was about 80:40. While the demand for industrial oxygen has remained the same, the demand for medical oxygen has increased by 60 per cent. As a result, the ratio has become 80:20. In addition, the Chittagong-based oxygen producer Associated Oxygen Limited, which has so far only supplied oxygen to the industry, now wants to supply oxygen to the healthcare sector. Sohrab Hossain, an advisor to Associated Oxygen Limited, said, “Our Chittagong-based company mainly supplies oxygen to industries.” But now we are supplying oxygen to the hospitals as per the demand. The demand for oxygen in hospitals has increased due to the increase in coronary infections. That is why we are now trying to supply liquid oxygen to the hospital. To this end, we are working on the addition of some equipment in the factory and transportation system. Mustain Billah, CEO of Islam Oxygen Limited, said the demand for oxygen has increased many times over. Serials are stuck all the time. Because it takes 50 minutes to an hour to scale a cylinder with a capacity of 9.8 cubic meters. We have a limitation. We can refill a maximum of 26,060 cubic meters of oxygen a day.

He added that Islam Oxygen Limited had stopped production of manufactured oxygen 20 days ago due to high demand for medical oxygen. The whole here is now producing medical oxygen. The Department of Health has approached three new sources to meet the demand for oxygen. A total of 75 tons of oxygen can be obtained from these sources. At present, however, these three companies are said to be able to deliver only 35 tons of oxygen. Abul Khair Steel Melting Ltd. Daily 8 tons, Islam Oxygen 20 tons and AK Oxygen Ltd. Can supply 8 tons.

Department of Health spokesman Prof. Md. Nazmul Islam said, “There is no oxygen crisis in the country. Yet in preparation we have had discussions with a few more organizations outside of the three organizations that supply oxygen. Oxygen supply will be available from there. In addition, there is a plan to convert the oxygen used in industrial plants into medical oxygen. Hopefully we won’t have an oxygen crisis. ‘


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