May 8, 2021


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Police arrested 7 people including Yaba in Teknaf

Six drug dealers including yaba, CNG and motorcycle have been arrested in a raid by Nayapara Highway Police at Teknaf in Cox’s Bazar. Huaikeng Highway police in the upazila were able to arrest 4 drug dealers along with a large consignment of yaba in the middle of the night. At the same time, two others including the CNG driver were detained.According to eyewitness sources, a drug dealer named Ridwan, son of Amanullah of Nayapara, came to his house in Huaikyong to hand over a large consignment of drugs to 4 drug dealers in Dhaka. The drug dealers came to Nayapara with CNG leaving their private car in Huaikeng.

When the police tried to stop the vehicle while crossing the Huaikeng Nayapara Highway police outpost while the Yaba consignment was leaving for Cox’s Bazar with CNG and motorcycle, the traders disobeyed the police checkpoint and fled. Md. Ridwan Islam (20), father. Amanat Ullah Sang- Nayapara, Thana- Teknaf, District- Cox’s Bazar, 2. Mohammad Azizul Islam Sohan (25), father- Amirul Islam Babul, permanent Sang- Sijiara, Thana- Nangalkot, District- Comilla, 3. Mohammad Alam (25), father- Ali Hossain, Sang- Nitaiganj (Rani Villa), Thana- Sadar, District- Narayanganj 4. Mosa- Jyoti Akhter (21), Swami Mohammad Alam, Sang- Nitaiganj (Rani Villa), Thana- Sadar, District- Narayanganj 5. Mo- Shahjahan (25), father Jaber Ali, Sang- Kanjwarpara, Thana- Teknaf, District- Cox’s Bazar, 6. Mo-Yunus (19), father-deceased Nur Ahmed, Sang-Uttar Kanjwarpara, Thana-Teknaf, District-Cox’s Bazar were able to arrest a total of 6 people.
Police said they found 4,200 pieces of yaba. However, according to locals and eyewitnesses, it was more than 20,000. Nayapara Highway Police OC AKM Manjurul Haque Akand said the matter was not correct. People will say a lot. The yaba recovered was 4200 pitches. The arrested accused have been handed over to the police station after filing regular cases.

Demand for oxygen in government hospitals has doubled in the past few weeks as coronary heart disease continues to rise. In the meantime, India has stopped exporting oxygen due to the deteriorating situation and crisis in Corona. Oxygen crisis is approaching in the country due to stoppage of imports and increasing number of corona patients. So ensuring the supply of life-saving oxygen has become a new challenge.

If you want to know about the government’s plan to ensure supply, the director of the health department (hospital and clinic) said. Farid Hossain Miah said, “There is no problem in the supply chain with the oxygen we have so far. The demand for oxygen in the country is going to be met. Alternatives have been considered if the demand for oxygen increases as the number of patients increases in the future. Oxygen is generally of two types, liquefied and gaseous. By changing from liquefied oxygen we will move to gaseous oxygen form. We have no shortage of gaseous oxygen. Gaseous oxygen will be supplied by converting it to medical oxygen.

Most suppliers have already stopped supplying oxygen to industrial plants due to the rising demand for oxygen. They are giving all the oxygen produced to the hospitals engaged in the treatment of Corona patients. Hospital sources say patients’ lungs are being severely affected this year as corona infections are much higher than last year and new strains are becoming highly contagious. Many people have severe respiratory problems. As a result, more patients have to be given oxygen. Dhaka Medical College Hospital Director Brigadier General. Nazmul Haque said, we are not in oxygen crisis yet. Oxygen demand has decreased as the number of patients has decreased. The hospital has 156 empty beds till date. This hospital now requires about two to three thousand liters of oxygen per day. So far, we have received oxygen as per the demand, but if the number of patients increases, the situation may be different. ‘ Among them, multinational oxygen producer Linde Bangladesh is producing and supplying 90 tons. Another company called Spectra is supplying an average of 24.5 tons daily and Islam is supplying 40 tons of oxygen. They import oxygen from India to meet the additional demand. However, India has banned the export of oxygen from April 22. According to Benapole land port sources, 498 metric tons of oxygen entered the port of Benapole from India in the week before April 21. Saika Majed, Manager (Human Resources) and Spokesperson, Linde Bangladesh Limited, said that the demand has increased more than before. Demand has grown by about 40 percent in the last six weeks. And in the last one year, it has more than tripled. To meet this demand we are now giving more importance to medical oxygen production than manufactured oxygen. “We mainly give priority to liquid oxygen,” he said. Such oxygen is being supplied to the ICU. Now we are able to meet the demand of government hospitals and big private hospitals. Since their demand is a bit high at the moment, we are giving them off by shutting down the oxygen of the industrial plant.