May 8, 2021


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The Election Commission is responsible for the second wave of corona: Madras High Court

The second wave of corona virus is spreading across India. The number of Corona victims is increasing by leaps and bounds. At the same time, death is also increasing. The Madras High Court blamed the country’s election commission for the situation. The court is of the view that a murder case should be filed against the commission officials for this negligence.

In a hearing on Monday, Madras High Court Chief Justice Sanjeev Banerjee said the country’s election commission was responsible for so many infections. A murder case should be filed against the commission officials.

Addressing the commission’s lawyers during the court hearing, the Chief Justice further said, “The Election Commission has no common sense. Were you on another planet when the campaign was going on? Despite the court order, the commission could not confirm Kovid’s hygiene.

The court held that ‘public health is the most important issue. And the fact that a constitutional body like the Election Commission has to be reminded of this is a matter of regret that only if one survives can one enjoy democratic rights. The most important thing right now is human survival. Everything else after that. ‘
The bench, comprising Chief Justice of the High Court and Justice Senthi Kumar Ramamurthy, asked the Election Commission and the Tamil Nadu Chief Electoral Officer to hold talks with the Health Secretary to finalize its plans on the day of counting of votes. The division bench also directed him to submit his specific plan to the court by April 30. The court also warned that the counting of votes would be stopped on May 2 if proper steps were not taken.

Meanwhile, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has slammed Prime Minister Narendra Modi along with the Election Commission over the situation in Corona. Speaking at a virtual meeting at the Minerva Theater in Shampukur on Monday, the Trinamool leader said, “I welcome the verdict of the Madras High Court. The court made it clear that the Election Commission could not evade its responsibility. We have been saying this again and again. Tamil Nadu, Kerala has voted once in one phase, Assam has voted twice and Bengal has voted six times to kill people. ‘

He added that both the commission and the prime minister were responsible for Corona’s worrying situation. The BJP is continuing its campaign. Advertising thousands of crores of rupees. We wrote a letter to reduce the clause after realizing that the situation regarding Kovid was deteriorating during the third round of voting, but the commission did not listen to that demand.

Although the BJP claims that voting is not taking place in the states, the infection is also on the rise. But on what basis can it be said that the transition to voting is on the rise. BJP leader Shamik Bhattacharya said, “What the court says is based on specific information. I mean, scientists all over the world are fighting Corona. There is no election in Maharashtra at the moment. There is no election in Jharkhand or Delhi. Corona is on the rise in the state due to the failure of the grassroots government in West Bengal. Law was born for man, man was not born for law. This verdict is disappointing and unfortunate. Shamik also raised the question of what elections are going on all over the world.

Across India, there are still more than 183 million cases of corona and more than 1 lakh 95 thousand deaths.

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