May 16, 2021


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The fleeing corona patients are being brought to the hospital overnight

Ten corona patients who escaped from Jessore General Hospital are being brought back to the hospital. Police have taken the fugitives into custody and left for Jessore General Hospital. They will be taken to the institutional quarantine of Corona Ward of the hospital overnight, the concerned said.The government had instructed to keep the corona positive patients from India in the institutional quarantine for treatment. According to him, members of the Benapole Immigration Police and Health Department identified the corona patient and sent him to the quarantine of Jessore General Hospital. Meanwhile, between last Saturday and Sunday, 10 corona patients escaped from the hospital, 8 of whom came from India with corona.

The caretaker of the hospital said. Dilip Kumar Roy said that after the corona patients were admitted to the emergency department, the wardboy was going to the corona ward with them. They fled from behind before reaching the ward. Later, the deputy commissioner and superintendent of police were informed to bring them back.
Jessore Additional Superintendent of Police Mohammad Touhidul Islam said that after learning about the matter, the police started collecting information about the fugitive patients and identifying them. Everyone was identified by Monday afternoon. The patients were then handed over to the health department of their respective districts. One has already been admitted to the hospital. The rest will be hospitalized overnight.

Jessore BMA President Dr. Kamrul Islam Benu said that the escape of Corona patients is very worrying. India now tops the world in corona infection. The new variant that has appeared there is three hundred times more capable of infection. It is important to bring the fugitives back and keep them in quarantine and make sure that this does not happen again in the future.

Sheikh Masuduzzaman Mithu, coordinator of the Jessore Citizens’ Committee, said the authorities could not avoid the responsibility of such patients escaping from the hospital. For this, an inquiry committee should be formed and action should be taken against those responsible. He said that not only the fleeing patients should be brought back, but also those who came in contact with them should be brought under quarantine.

According to Benapole Immigration, a total of 26 Corona patients from India were sent to the Jessore General Hospital for institutional quarantine this month through the Benapole border.

BD Daily / Himel

France extended a helping hand to India, which had lost its way in the deadly coronavirus scare. The European country is sending containers of liquid oxygen with oxygen generators to meet the oxygen shortage in the country. The aid will arrive in India by air and sea before the end of this week.

French President Emmanuel Macron has extended a helping hand under the “Solidarity Mission” in collaboration with French organizations based in India. The European Union is also helping India under this initiative.

Emmanuel Lenin, the French ambassador to India, said their goal was to help India’s emergency health system as well as stabilize it in the long run.
It is to be noted that France is the second country after Germany to extend its hand towards Corona plagued India. Earlier, India had brought 23 special oxygen producing plants from Germany.

Meanwhile, France will send 6 oxygen generators to India. These generators make a hospital self-sufficient for 10 years. One generator is capable of meeting the oxygen needs of a 250-bed hospital.

In addition, France is going to send five containers of liquid oxygen in the first phase. France will also send 26 ventilators and 200 electric syringe pumps. “France and India have always stood by each other in difficult times,” the French government said in a statement. This solidarity is at the heart of our strategic partnership and the friendship between the Indian and French peoples. ”

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