May 8, 2021


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E-commerce to deliver TCB products to middle class: Commerce Minister

Commerce Minister Tipu Munshi said, “E-commerce will deliver fair value products to the middle class people of the country, trading companies of Bangladesh (TCB).” TCB is selling essential commodities at fair prices across the country through truck sales. So that the middle class people are not deprived of this opportunity, the government has decided to sell four products in edible oil, gram, sugar and pulses in collaboration with e-commerce. E-commerce has been able to gain popularity in a very short time.

He was speaking as the chief guest at the inaugural function of the ‘Comfort Market at Home Ramadan’ organized by the E-Commerce Association (E-CAB) in collaboration with the Ministry of Commerce and TCB on a virtual platform here on Monday.

The Commerce Minister said, “Last year, about Tk 16,000 crore was traded online. The government has taken all necessary steps to make the manpower engaged in e-commerce efficient and to ensure transparency and accountability. The government has also taken steps to ensure that people are not deceived and enjoy the benefits of e-commerce at home.
He said, ‘TCB has partnered with e-commerce to deliver fair value products to the middle class. In the past, the people of the country have benefited from the sale of onions and mangoes. Hopefully, people will have confidence in e-commerce and e-commerce will spread in the country in an orderly manner. ‘

According to a government statement, e-Cab Digital is selling TCB’s products online at a fair price for the convenience of middle class people in the country through six companies. It has started selling four products in edible oil, gram, sugar and pulses from today till May 7. Edible oil is selling at Rs 108 per liter and sugar, gram and pulses at Rs 58 per liter. A buyer can buy 5 liters of oil, 3 kg of sugar, gram and pulses per week. The maximum delivery charge has been fixed at Tk 30 in Dhaka city and Tk 40 outside Dhaka. Initially, these products have been sold in Dhaka, Tangail and Sirajganj districts.

BD Daily / Junaid Ahmed

Hefazat-e-Islam contacted the government. Compromise is offered. But there was no assurance of compromise or flexibility from the government. On the contrary, they are given a strong message. Hefazat-e-Islam leaders held a closed-door meeting with an influential Awami League leader last Saturday night. At that meeting, the government’s position was clarified to the Hefazat leaders. The committee has been disbanded as part of a strategy to prevent the arrest of top leaders and activists without finding any way out. ‘ Top leaders, including Amir Allama Junaid Babungari, have been charged with the ‘murder’ of Ahmed Shafi, and hundreds of sabotage cases have been registered against top leaders. Many have already resigned. Several other senior leaders were waiting for the announcement of his resignation. The result is a crisis of extreme proportions. In order to prevent such a situation, the Central Committee was declared dissolved. Maulana Anas Madani, the son of Allama Ahmad Shafi and the founding publicity secretary of Hifazat-e-Islam, said, ‘The organizational process was not followed when the committee of the defunct Hifazat-e-Islam was formed. Again the same procedure has been followed at the time of extinction. The abolition of what we have been saying so far about this illegal committee has proved to be correct. ‘

Family system in the convening committee: After the announcement of the dissolution of the committee of Hefazat-e-Islam through video message on Sunday night, the drama started with the announcement of the convening committee. Late at night, Allama Junaid Babungari announced a three-member convening committee, with Allama Mahibullah Babungari, the uncle of Babungari and the chief adviser of the defunct committee, as advisors. Allama Junaid Babungari was declared the Amir. Allama Nurul Islam Jihadi, a close relative of Babungari, was made the secretary general. In the morning another point was extended to the convening committee. This time the secretary general added the names of two members. Allama Salauddin Nanupuri, a close relative of Babungari, and Principal Mizanur Rahman Chowdhury were added as members. Maulana Mainuddin Ruhi, former joint secretary general of Hefazat-e-Islam, said, “The drama was started in the name of the convening committee on the night after the dissolution of the central committee.” He announced the names of five people in two phases, four of whom are close relatives of the Amir. It is better to call it Fatikchhari Samiti and not Hifazat-e-Islam Committee. ‘ Where no one will be given priority in individual and group considerations. The issue of giving posts on the basis of sacrifice and merit for the organization will be evaluated. ‘