May 8, 2021


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“Can’t those who commit atrocities during the epidemic be arrested?”

In response to the BNP secretary general’s demand not to arrest the Hefazat leaders during the Corona epidemic, the joint general secretary of the Awami League, Information and Broadcasting Minister Dr. Hasan Mahmud.He asked this question while addressing a function on behalf of Awami League’s Relief and Social Welfare Sub-Committee at the National Press Club in the capital on Monday.

Dr. Hassan Mahmood said, ‘In the midst of this Corona epidemic, an extremist terrorist group was trying to create anarchy in the country. And although it is very sad, the BNP secretary general is giving a statement on their behalf. Those who set fire to the houses, property, vehicles of innocent people, burn the land deeds of the common people by setting fire to the land office, attack the fire-rail-police station, destroy the heritage and antiquities, attack the places of worship of other religions, cannot be arrested? ? Should the country’s criminal law be invalidated against them? Awami League joint general secretary asked. Hasan Mahmud.
Noting that there is no other political party in the Corona epidemic, Bangladesh Awami League is the only one that is by the side of the people all the time, it can be seen by keeping an eye on the media, the minister said, not only that.

Regarding the dismissal of journalists, Hasan Mahmud said, “The dismissal of journalists in media organizations on the pretext of recession during the Coronation period is very sad, unwelcome and unacceptable to me.” Discussions are going on about the recent dismissals and the journalists’ unions are trying. Hopefully, the authorities will move towards reinstating those who have been sacked, this is my expectation. ‘

Awami League Relief and Social Welfare Secretary Sujit Roy Nandi, former BFUJ President Manjurul Ahsan Bulbul and Daily Bhorer Kagoj Editor Shyamal Dutta addressed the function as special guests under the chairmanship of Dhaka Journalists Union President Quddus Afrad and General Secretary Sajjad Alam Khan Tapur.

Representatives of about 70 organizations including newspapers, TV, radio and online media received corona protection materials from the guests at the event.

BD Daily / Junaid Ahmed

In Barisal, a young man riding a bike (motorcycle) has been accused of snatching. The robbery took place around 12 noon last Sunday. The victim, Anika Tahsin, owner of Anika Dream House in Rupatali, has lodged a written complaint with Kotwali Model Police Station.

In a written complaint, Anika said that she was going to Banglabazar on Sunday afternoon after leaving her house at Rupatali Housing in the city. He was accompanied by his own and his sister’s son. An unidentified young man and a young woman were passing them on a motorcycle before they could walk down the main road to the main road. At that time, a woman sitting on the back of the motorcycle snatched the bag in her (Anika’s) daughter’s hand and fled. Among the bags were ATM cards of three banks, national identity cards, cash and some urgent documents.

He said, ‘It is an old incident to be robbed by riding a bike. But he never thought that girls could be involved in snatching. Barisal Kotwali Model Police Inspector (Investigation) said. Asaduzzaman said the victim had lodged a written complaint with the police for snatching her bag. Legal action is being taken after investigating the allegations.
BD-Daily / Shafiq