May 8, 2021


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Bangladeshis stranded in India due to the announcement of border closure

The Bangladesh government has decided to close the land port with India for the next 14 days from Monday due to the second wave of Corona hitting India. And this has caused extreme distress to the Bangladeshi citizens returning to the country from India.As a result, no new passenger will be able to travel between the two countries with a valid visa. Besides, all the Bangladeshi citizens who came to India for various reasons will not be able to return to the country if they want to. You can enter Bangladesh only with ‘No Objection’ (NOC) from Bangladesh High Commission located in India.

And this is the problem of ordinary people crossing the border. This morning, on the Indian side of the Petrapole-Benapole border, the largest land port between India and Bangladesh, many Bangladeshis, who had come to India for various reasons, were seen waiting to return home. No one had a ‘no-objection’ certificate as they did not know the government’s guidelines. Their allegation is that they are in trouble with this sudden guideline of the Bangladesh government. Their statements should have been given at least two days before the guidelines were issued.
Md. Habibur Rahman, a victim, told Bangladesh Pratidin, “We received the news at 5 pm on Sunday that the border had been closed. But the Bangladesh government knows that a lot of Bangladeshi patients are staying in India with medical visas. In that case we should have given two or three days or a week ago the citizens living abroad should have been informed about it. I don’t know if we will stay here or go to Bangladesh. ‘

Another Bangladeshi woman, who did not want to be named, said, “The border was suddenly closed without any advance notice.” In this case, at least one day should have been given. Now, in the age of internet, we should have been informed earlier, but we came here in the morning and found out that the border is closed.

However, not only Bangladeshis, but also many people from India to Bangladesh are stuck in Benapole across the border. They are also not being allowed to come near Benapole Gate on behalf of Bangladesh Port Authority. As a result, Indians are also waiting to return to the country.

Tarun Biswas, chief immigration officer of Haridaspur zone, told Bangladesh Pratidin that many Indian Bangladeshis are stuck with business visas and working visas and there is no guideline to bring them back to the country. No citizen is allowed to cross. Only people with No Objection Certificate are allowed to cross the border.

BD Daily / Himel

Jatiya Party presidium member Narayanganj-3 MP Liakat Hossain Khoka has protested against some parts of the report published by Bangladesh Daily on April 25 under the headline ‘List of business bureaucrats supporting Hefazat-Jamaat’. In the protest letter, he said that the report intentionally and irrelevantly mentioned him as a custodian and its local patron. Which is contrary to his political ideology. He has no political or personal connection with the custody. He said that after the recognition of the Qaumi Charter by the Prime Minister at Suhrawardy Udyan in the presence of the late Allama Shafi, he was present as a local MP at the mourning and prayer mahfil for the Prime Minister with the permission of the administration in Sonargaon. After that the negative activities of Hefazat on the issue of Bangabandhu’s sculpture did not allow them to do any program in Sonargaon. “My current statement about the French president has nothing to do with the current situation in custody,” Khoka said. The Prime Minister, the present government, the Awami League and a nefarious section of the Jatiya Party are engaged in such confusion and propaganda for personal and political gain.

Reporter’s statement: After the arrest of Mamunul Haque, the former joint secretary general of Hefazat, the law enforcement agency started taking action against the leaders and workers of Jatiya Party. The report has been made according to the information that came from that source.