May 16, 2021


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If NID is lost or damaged, you can download it yourself

The days of trouble with National Identity Card (NID) are over. From now on, if NID is lost or damaged, you can download it yourself. To get this facility, you have to apply online by depositing the prescribed fee in the bank.Officials in the NID section of the Election Commission (EC) told the media that field services had been maintained during the Corona epidemic. In this case emergency services are being provided.

Besides, those who do not want to go to the concerned upazila office thinking about the health rules, they can apply online and get the service. However, even if the application for all the services is taken online, those who need to give ten fingerprints or eye iris will have to go to the field office. Again, those who need a hearing will have to go to the concerned Upazila Election Office. Only those whose NID is lost or damaged need a new ID even if they don’t go.
AKM Humayun Kabir, director general of the EC NID division, told the media that there was no need to come to the office to get a new NID as the lost card had been withdrawn or damaged. You can download your own card online by depositing money in the bank.

To get this service you need to go to and apply. Before that you have to pay the prescribed fee to the bank. The amount of fee to be paid will depend on how many times the NID has been taken. One fee for first time application, another fee for second, third time; Again, if it is urgent, you have to pay more fee. For this you can know the amount of money by calling 105 or from the EC website.

EC officials told the media that the NID obtained in this way looks exactly like the laminated NID. After downloading it, you just have to print it and laminate it by yourself. Those who have become new voters will get it without any fee if they do not get NID.

On April 26, 2020, the EC launched the online NID service. So far, the EC has provided various services to about half a crore people online. Source: banglanews.

BD-Daily / Shafiq

This time France is also on India’s side in the fight against Corona. France has announced that it will provide India with high-capacity oxygen generators, liquid oxygen for 2,000 patients, 26 ventilators and ICU equipment.

‘In the next few days, there will be six oxygen generators in India that will be able to produce oxygen for 250 beds a year. 2,000 patients will be delivered with liquid oxygen for 5 days and 26 ventilators and ICU equipment, ”said French Ambassador to India Emanuel Linen in a tweet.

Lenin said French President Emmanuel Macron had a long-term plan to improve India’s health infrastructure. French companies based in India and the European Union are supporting his solidarity.
The French Foreign Ministry said the equipment would be flown to India by air or water by the end of this week with the joint assistance of the French Embassy and the Crisis Response Center.

Six oxygen generators, built by a small and medium enterprise in France, will automatically supply oxygen to Indian hospitals for the next 10 years. As a result, the demand for oxygen in the country will be met in Corona situation.

On Sunday, the French president said France was also involved in the war with India. He assured that all possible assistance would be extended to India in the coming days.

BD Daily / Arafat