May 16, 2021


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20 students of Jamia Yunusia Madrasa in Brahmanbaria expelled

Authorities have expelled 20 students of Jamia Islamia Younusia Madrasa in connection with the Hifazat-e-Islam violence in Brahmanbaria. This information was given in a press release signed by the education secretary of the institution Mufti Shamsul Haque Saraili on Monday.The expelled students are Ashek Elahi, Mizbah Uddin, Abu Hanif, Ashraful Islam, Alauddin, Maqbool Hossain, Rafiqul Islam, Mubarak Ullah, Burhan Uddin, Abdullah Afzal, Jubayer, Jubayer, Hezbollah Rahmani, Shibbir Ahmed, Iftekhar Adnan, , Rakib Billah, Tariq Jamil and Habibullah.

According to the expulsion order, the students of Jamia Islamia Younusia Brahmanbaria were attacked on March 26 for violating all the customs and laws of the madrasa under section 25 of the conditions for admission in Jamia.
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The world economy has collapsed due to the epidemic of coronavirus. It has also had an adverse effect on the internal economy of Bangladesh. In early 2020, the government announced a number of stimulus packages to help the economy recover from its first setback, which is still ongoing. These programs will continue in next year’s budget. Meanwhile, due to the corona, all types of production in the country have decreased. The income of the government and most of the people has decreased. But the cost has increased. As a result, the government is lowering its gross domestic product (GDP) target for the next 2021-22 fiscal year. In the current year’s budget, the target of GDP has been set at 7.2 percent. In the coming budget, it is being reduced to 7.2 percent. And the finance minister says, this year’s budget will be the budget for the protection of livelihood. For this, agriculture, food and health protection sector will get the most importance in the budget. The decision was taken at a meeting of the National Asset Management Committee held at the Virtual Zoom Platform yesterday and the Co-ordination Council on Financial and Financial Currency Exchange Rates. The meeting was chaired by Finance Minister AHM Mustafa Kamal. This information has been known from a reliable source of the finance department. The meeting was attended by the Finance Secretary, Governor of Bangladesh Bank, concerned ministers and ministers of state and departments, secretaries and other concerned. According to the source, considering the corona epidemic, to give more importance to public health, in the budget of the next financial year, Tk 10,000 crore will be allocated for the corona response sector including the purchase of corona vaccine. The government plans to keep inflation under pressure at 5.3 percent next year. And the declining revenue of the government will create a new record in the budget deficit. It is expected that next year’s budget deficit will be 6 percent of the total GDP. In order to protect the people of the country from the epidemic, the budget for the coming 2021-22 fiscal year is being prepared with priority on agriculture, food, health and employment. In the coming budget, there will be special programs for the poor people in Corona. There will also be special initiatives in health protection. Besides, the programs taken by the government to revive the economy will also be active in the next budget. Earlier, Finance Minister AHM Mustafa Kamal had said before announcing the budget for the current fiscal year 2020-21 that the GDP growth would be more than 5 percent in the fiscal year 2019-20. According to the Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics (BBS), the rate is 5.24 percent. According to him, the GDP growth rate for the current fiscal year 2020-21 may be a little more than 4 or 4 percent, which was 7.2 percent in the original budget.

Meanwhile, the revenue of NBR is slowing down due to Corona. The Annual Development Program (ADP) has also stumbled. Government spending has increased. As a result, the target for next year is to collect revenue of Tk 3 lakh 90 thousand crore. And the main size of the coming budget may be around 6 lakh crore rupees. As such, the budget deficit at the end of the year could be close to Tk 2 lakh crore, which will be 6 percent of the total GDP. However, according to the guidelines of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the budget deficit should be kept within 5 percent of GDP.

According to a source in the meeting, if all goes well, Finance Minister AHM Mustafa Kamal will present the budget for the new financial year in Parliament on Thursday, June 3. The government is working to formulate a new budget with a size of Tk 6 lakh 5 thousand crore. However, this is not the final figure yet. It can increase or decrease at the last moment. The size of the main budget for the current fiscal year 2020-21 has been estimated at Tk 5 lakh 8 thousand crore.