May 8, 2021


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Hundreds of illegal shops were rebuilt

Hundreds of unplanned shops have been set up at the Sundarbans Square Super Market in the capital’s Gulistan. It has been alleged that a top leader of Dhaka Metropolitan South Awami League and a businessman have led this work.

During the time of the then Mayor of Dhaka South City Corporation (DSCC) Mohammad Saeed Khokon, shops were built in an unplanned manner starting from the parking lot of the market, the walkway on different floors, the vacant space in the beautification of the building. According to the traders, at that time the market was controlled by the president of the 20th ward Juba League. Sahabuddin and Farid Uddin Ahmed alias Magic Ratan, the councilor of that ward.

Asked about this, Dhaka South City Mayor Sheikh Fazle Noor Taposh told Prothom Alo, “I have learned that shops are being set up illegally in different markets under different names.” We have already set up a mobile court to warn everyone about this. If such activities continue, more stringent measures will be taken in the future.

The DSCC-owned market underwent a large-scale eviction operation in December last year. About 700 unplanned shops were demolished during the operation.

Talking to market traders and DSCC engineers, it is learned that a month after the end of the eviction drive, the unplanned shop building resumed. In the beginning this work was done late at night. The market is closed when the government imposes strict restrictions on coronavirus control. At this time the work of making the shop went on in full swing. Work was seen going on at noon last Sunday.


The traders said that this time businessman Firoz Alam and Dhaka Metropolitan South Awami League president Abu Ahmed Mannafi led the construction of these shops. Feroze has worked between the two Ward No. 20 Juba League President. As a representative of Sahabuddin.

It was seen on the spot last Sunday that more than a hundred shops have been rebuilt from the first floor to the fourth floor of the market. Work is still underway to build some shops. Workers are doing paint work in some shops. Again some shops have already opened. The shops that were demolished in the basement were not rebuilt. Apart from this, although the shop is not built on the fifth floor, it is being used as a godown.

Engineers in the DSCC’s market branch say they have already inspected and submitted a two-point report to the concerned department. The report presents clear information about the unplanned re-creation of the shop as well as the submission of stills. Abu Ahmed Mannafi, president of Dhaka Metropolitan South Awami League, is involved in the construction of these shops.

On the third floor of the market, three people were seen sitting in a stall made of unplanned goods. Asked about rebuilding the store after it was demolished, they said on condition of anonymity that they did not own the shop. Using the store as rent. He is paying rent of 20 thousand rupees per month.

According to the DSCC engineers, those who were making fake paper before the eviction operation and were doing business in the non-design shops have taken over it after building a new shop. In this case, they had to pay a certain amount of money to the members of the circle involved in building the shop. They have heard that the amount of this money is around one to three lakhs. As such, the cycle has snatched more than one crore rupees from 100 shops.

I have come to know that shops are being set up illegally under different names in different markets. We have already set up a mobile court to warn everyone about this.
Sheikh Fazle Nur Taposh, Mayor, Dhaka South City
Sundarbans Square Super Market is located in Ward No. 34 of South City. Ward councilor Mohammad claimed on Sunday that Mayor Sheikh Fazle Nur Tapash had twice informed him about the construction of more than 100 new shops. Mamun. He told Prothom Alo on his mobile phone that a businessman named Firoz Alam has taken the initiative to build these shops as a representative of Sahabuddin, the leader of Juba League, the controller of the old syndicate. Besides, he has heard that a top leader of Dhaka Metropolitan South Awami League is also involved in this work.

He called Firoz Alam on his mobile phone more than once on Sunday to find out about the allegations but he did not answer. At one stage, his mobile phone was found switched off.

On the other hand, Abu Ahmed Mannafi has denied the allegations. He said in the first light that he was against opening the shop without design. He has been ill for a month. He will not take responsibility if anyone does this using his name.

The company’s property department takes care of the movable and immovable property owned by the DSCC. When asked, Chief Property Officer Russell Sabrin told Prothom Alo that the police are busy implementing the restrictions announced by the government due to the Corona epidemic. So not enough police are available. So it is not possible to run the campaign at the moment.

Russell Sabrin said the DSCC mayor had already instructed the eviction of unplanned shops, adding that once the lockdown was lifted, they would raid the market again and demolish illegal shops.