May 8, 2021


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Pomegranate watermelon িন Buy per kg, Buyers in discomfort

Demand for this specialty has grown significantly as a result of recent corporate scandals. Religious fasting people prefer watermelon in Iftar. However, the price of watermelon has gone up since the beginning of the season. It has been alleged that the price of watermelon has been increased by syndicating all over the country including the capital.

According to general buyers and various sources, wholesalers and retailers are buying watermelons from farmers in pieces and selling them at KG rates. But in violation of the agricultural marketing law, he is selling watermelons at Rs. Buyers are being forced to buy watermelons at Rs 50 to Rs 60 per kg. Therefore, the average price of each watermelon is 500 rupees. The watermelon traders are buying from the farmers for 100 to 150 rupees.

With the increase in the price of watermelon, the people of the capital feel that the price has gone up due to the sale of watermelon. Even if you can buy such a heavy fruit for a small family, it does not weigh less than 5 kg. Among them, green watermelon has also caught fire due to the scorching heat of Ramadan and Boishakh.
In that fire, the lower middle class is far away, the middle class is burnt and destroyed. However, watermelon is said to be the main ingredient of Iftar in the ongoing intense heat across the country. This nutritious watermelon is now being sold at Rs. Per kg in different divisional cities including the capital. The profit of the sellers in this opportunity is extreme.

Watermelon, which was Rs 30 to 45 per kg in April, is now being sold at Rs 55 to 60 per kg. As a result, traders have promised to keep prices tolerable during Ramadan, but that promise has fallen on deaf ears since the start of Ramadan.

The traders are giving various excuses if they want to know about the matter. They say watermelon yields have not been good this year. On top of this, the farmers have picked watermelons from the field and sold them before they mature in the hope of getting higher prices as it started getting very hot at the beginning of Chaitra.

They say, now there are no watermelons in the field. So the supply of watermelon in the market has decreased. And so the price has gone up. And due to the ‘lockdown’, most of the watermelons produced in the country are not able to come from Barguna, Bhola and Patuakhali in sufficient quantity. That is why the price is high.

It is to be noted that the administration has taken steps to raise allegations of selling watermelons at higher prices in different districts of the country. Many traders have been fined in the mobile court. Fourteen traders have been fined in Barisal for buying watermelons as pieces and selling them at high prices.

BD-Daily / Shafiq

The global corona outbreak has once again taken a terrible turn. Every day the number of people infected with COVID-19 and the number of deaths are increasing by leaps and bounds. The situation in our country is no exception. The daily death record is also breaking in Corona. Neighboring country India is struggling to treat such a large number of corona patients. Identification and death records are being set there every day. In this case, we should pay more attention to prevention and therefore should pay more attention to increase immunity or boost immunity. I will tell you about some effective ways to make the immune system against coronavirus.

Eating habits: Eat balanced and nutritious food. Eat lots of vegetables and fruits. It is better to chew whole fruit instead of fruit juice. It also contains fiber along with nutrition. Drink enough water 8-10 glasses. Avoid fast food, extra fat and spicy foods as much as possible.

Vitamins and Minerals: Plays an important role in boosting immunity.
Bangladesh Pratidin Vitamin C: Natural sources are sour fruits, such as lemons, oranges, malts, grapefruits, etc. Also available in tablet form in the market, which you can suck 1-2 times a day for flu symptoms. However, the effectiveness of vitamin C obtained from natural sources is higher.

A natural source of vitamin D is sunlight, which exposes certain parts of the body from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. (such as the face, hands or neck. You can also use it. Cheese can eat these.

Zinc: For flu or cold-cough symptoms, zinc has several benefits. Zinc-rich foods are ginger, garlic, nuts, marine fish, etc. You can take zinc supplement in the form of lozenge in the market for 2-3 consecutive hours.

Honey: Honey contains some antiseptic ingredients such as hydrogen peroxide, nitric oxide which works against RNA virus. So honey is quite beneficial in flu symptoms but in case of diabetic patients should be eaten with caution.