May 8, 2021


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The delicious sammam fruit of Saudi Arabia is being cultivated in Kushtia. The fruit has been cultivated by Naeem Islam, a college student from Kachubariya area of ​​Mirpur upazila of the district. The yield of this unconventional fruit in his field has also been good. Excluding expenses, Naeem is dreaming of earning lakhs of rupees.Naeem is an honors first year student in the management department of Kushtia Government College.

College closed for a long time for Corona. Naeem didn’t seem to be spending time sitting at home. He thinks of agriculture while looking for a way to spend his time. He took the initiative to cultivate the Saudi fruit “Sammam” on the advice of his expatriate elder brother. Later, on the advice of the Internet and the Agriculture Office, he took the initiative to cultivate this fruit commercially. Initially, he cultivated 33 acres of land.
Naeem said he collected fruit saplings from a farm in Bogra with advice from the Mirpur Upazila Agriculture Office. There are 3,000 sammam trees in his field. Each tree bears 2-3 fruits. If you keep more fruits, the yield is less. Each fruit weighs one and a half to two kg. Each tree bears good fruit.

He said that he has spent about 1 lakh rupees on one bigha of land. He is hoping to get a profit of two to two and a half lakh rupees from this land.

Going to Naeem’s field, one can see a creeping tree like a pumpkin tree. Fruits like native melons are hanging in the gaps of the trees. Almost every tree is full of fruit. The whole field seems to be full of fruit with bamboo scaffolding and polythene nets.

Naeem added that this fruit is very nutritious. This fruit is very popular in the outside world. Its prevalence in Bangladesh is still low. This fruit is known as “Rock Melon”, “Sweet Melon”, “Mask Melon”, “Honey Dew” in different countries including Saudi Arabia. There are two varieties of this fruit. The outer part of one variety is green and the inner part is red, the outer part of another variety is yellow and the inner part is red. However, both types of fruits are very sweet and juicy to eat.
He said it is better to cultivate sammam in loamy soil. The soil is well cultivated and beds and drains are used to cultivate this fruit with mulching. Then a good yield is obtained. This is a very short time crop. Within a month and a half of planting the tree bears all the fruits.

He said that since the fruit can be eaten both raw and ripe, he is using pheromone traps instead of pesticides to control insects. Many people are flocking to Naeem’s field to see this new fruit and fruit cultivation.

Mirpur Upazila Agriculture Officer Ramesh Chandra Ghosh said, “Rock melon or sammam is a foreign fruit but it is possible to cultivate it in our country.” A young man from Kachubaria area of ​​Mirpur upazila has cultivated one bigha (33 per cent) of land this year. He is also getting very good results.

He said the youth should come forward in nutritious fruits and modern farming.

BD Daily / KalamImrul Shahed: Simi Islam Kali, the producer of ‘Tumi Acho Tumi Nei’ and Delwar Jahan Jhantu, the director, have said that they will file a defamation suit against Dighi for her negative comments. However, he went to court last Wednesday but no case was filed. However, Delwar Jahan Jhantu told the media that he had filed a case.
How did you sue? What formalities has he completed for the case? In response to these questions, Delwar Jahan Jhantu said, “My lawyer is Mohammad Forkan Mian. His assistant signed a paper with me. That could be a power of attorney. ‘He said he had not signed any other documents. He is also unaware that a court fee has to be paid to file a defamation suit. He does not even know how much money he has to pay to the court for one crore rupees. Jhantu said his lawyer did not tell him anything about it.
He added, “Today (Thursday) I can’t even call the lawyer again and again. I have told the IGB that I will reach the court whenever he calls me. I would like to ask the IG why he did not tell me everything about the formality of the case? But it is certain that I will file a case against Dighi. ‘
Delwar Jahan Jhantu’s lawyer Mohammad Forkan Mia told the media, ‘Director Delwar Jahan Jhantu Bhai came to me. But no such case has been reported. If you want to file a case without that, you have to sign the papers, but he left after talking to me. He did not sign any paper. ‘
Criticism has also started about Delwar Jahan Jhantu’s behavior and misleading the media. Some people say that Delwar Jahan Jhantu is doing one drama after another to promote the film. He has also focused on self-promotion by issuing film promotions. Dighi had earlier said, “Uncle Jhantu got angry with me after watching the video. There was a lot of talk in response to various questions. They have edited the video and reduced it a lot. Besides, there is talk on the back of words. That’s why I apologized to Uncle Jhantu. There may be mistakes in the words of my immature mind. I apologize for that. Even then, he is going to say one-sided things. ‘Dighi’s first film’ Tumi Acho Tumi Nei ‘is being released today. This has created the Jhantu-Dighi crisis.
The producers released the teaser and poster of the film on YouTube after the end of the film. This caused a storm of widespread criticism through social media. Many have questioned the quality of the film. In one scene of the trailer, Dighi has also trolled the use of a bottle microphone. In a recent video interview, Dighi made negative comments about the movie. Jhantu is angry with this.
Dighi acted in 30 films as a child artist. She has won the National Film Award for Best Child Artist three times. She is making her debut as a heroine in the film ‘Tumi Acho Tumi Nei’. Besides, he has acted in Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman’s biopic ‘Bangabandhu’ and ‘Mia Bhai of Tungipara’.