May 16, 2021


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Mithila is excluded due to vaccine, not age

The name of Tanzia Zaman Mithila, the selected contestant of Bangladesh, has been removed from the website of the world famous beauty pageant ‘Miss Universe 2020’! Bangladesh authorities say they have withdrawn from the competition due to lockdowns and travel restrictions.Apart from these, Mithila gave two more reasons, as a result of which she has not been able to take part in the Miss World pageant starting from May 8. These are- not getting vaccinated and not making national costume!

Mithila said, “There are many reasons for not being able to take part. The first reason is – I have not been vaccinated yet. Second, the date we applied for the Visa Face was canceled due to a lockdown. No pre-production video created. Not even the national costume was made. From April 5, the announcement of our lockdown came. That’s why we couldn’t shoot any videos with national costumes. I couldn’t do any of the things I had to do before applying for a visa. Later, the visa office canceled the visa fee date. ‘

Mithila, meanwhile, claims that allegations of age concealment and male harassment are not excluded from the Miss Universe list.

Mithila said Miss Universe authorities did not cancel the Bangladeshi contestant. Instead, the Miss Universe Bangladesh authorities sent news to the United States that they could not send the contestant this time due to other reasons including not being able to face the visa.

On the other hand, a notice in this regard was posted on their Facebook by Miss Universe Bangladesh authorities on the morning of April 20. “We could not finish the preparations due to lockdown and travel ban,” it said. So we are not able to take part in this event. The matter was reported to the main organizers this week.

Meanwhile, according to the Facebook page of the online magazine ‘Sash Factor’, which works with beauty pageants, there is a lot of controversy surrounding Miss Universe Bangladesh 2020 Tanzia Zaman Mithila. Many Bangladeshi beauty pageants have expressed frustration with Mithila and are not supporting her for the main competition. That’s why her name has been removed from the Miss Universe website. ‘

Apart from Sash Factor, two other Facebook pages made similar comments but did not release any references.

On the subject, Mithila said, ‘There is no question of age hiding here. Instead, we failed to prepare. My name was removed from the website after Miss Universe Bangladesh informed us. ‘

Regarding age, Mithila said, “I did not hide any information about age. My birth registration, voter ID, passport are all written, I was born in January 1994. Although 1992 I am qualified, 1994 I am qualified. And Miss Universe will understand the issue of age. They have all the information. ‘

According to Miss Universe rules, the contestant must be under 26 years of age. It has been alleged that Mithila has already crossed the age limit. All in all, the flag of Bangladesh is not on the main stage of this year’s ‘Miss Universe’ competition to be held in Hollywood, USA.