May 17, 2021


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Salman is the ‘savior’ again in the epidemic

The ‘savior’ Salman Khan was also found in the Corona epidemic. The Bollywood superstar has come forward to put a smile on the faces of those who are fighting for the lives of people day and night, leaving their families and being in the hospital for 24 hours without caring for their own lives. Took the responsibility to fill their stomachs. His food delivery car came out on the streets of Mumbai.

The second wave of Corona epidemic has hit India as well. The country currently tops the list of infections. The number of people affected by corona is increasing day by day. The folds of the forehead of health professionals are constantly widening. Leaving their families, they have devoted themselves to humanitarian work day and night. He is working to save people’s lives without caring for their lives. Many people are not able to procure food to stay busy with treatment. On the other hand, many shops are closed due to the epidemic. As a result, buying food in the midst of such busyness has become almost a liability. ‘Vizion’ is concerned for those health workers. So, after the last lockdown, this time he landed in the role of savior again in the rising tide of the epidemic. Took responsibility to provide them food.

It is to be mentioned that Salman has arranged food supply for the health workers in a joint venture with the youth army. The menu includes tea, bottles of pure water, biscuits, and upma, poha, bara pao and pao-bhaji. Among these, food is being given to the health workers. Youth Army leader Rahul N Kanal said. He also said that within 24 hours of the talks with Vijayan, a food delivery vehicle crashed on the streets of Mumbai. An emergency phone number has also been provided. If a health worker does not get food, or has a problem, food will be delivered to them by calling that number. Salman Khan will continue this food delivery service till May 15. That is what the leader of the youth army Rahul said.

Of course, this is not the first time. Everyone knows that Salman has been involved in various social activities or as a savior of the helpless in the film industry more than once in different contexts at different times. Even during the last lockdown, he has delivered essential items including rice and pulses to the homes of the distressed Bollywood crew. This time he did not do otherwise. He inaugurated the service with the help of health workers.

Also, at different times, Salman’s ‘Being Human’ organization has also taken charge of the education and medicine of many destitute people. This time with the second coup of Corona, he proved again why he is the ‘Vizion’ of Bollywood? For one thing, Salman Khan has tried to stay by everyone’s side as much as possible in times of danger.

Source: Indian Express