May 17, 2021


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They take the patients to the hospital without any rent

Chittagong Medical College Hospital will return home after 10 days of treatment. Belal. He is accompanied by his wife Rosie Akhter. They both have only 50 rupees. But the autorickshaw wants to rent 300 rupees to go to their home Baluchhara, the rickshaw wants 200 rupees. There was no other way but to sit helplessly in such a moment.

বিনা ভাড়ায় রোগী ও স্বজনদের গন্তব্যে পৌঁছে  দিচ্ছেন অটোরিকশাচালকেরা।

The two of them were sitting. An autorickshaw driver by the name of Sirajul Islam called them and said that if they wanted, they could go to the destination without any rent. With that he introduced another autorickshaw driver named Nur Islam. At first Belal and his wife were a little scared. But Nur Islam delivered them without any rent.

Not only day laborer Belal, three autorickshaws are taking 8 to 10 patients to the hospital or home without any rent every day. The service has been launched by Imam Motors in Halishahar since April 16. The vehicles are in front of Chittagong Medical College, General Hospital and Maternal and Child Hospital.

Rosie almost cried when she was able to take her husband from the hospital without any rent. He said, “If I didn’t get this car, I wouldn’t be able to go home in lockdown.”


The digital banner on the front and back of the autorickshaw reads in large letters, ‘Free patient transport in humanitarian services’. There is also a contact number. The mobile phone numbers of the three drivers are also written inside the car. There, it has been said, to inform the owner if the passengers have any complaints.

Autorickshaw drivers are delivering patients and relatives to their destinations without rent.
Autorickshaw drivers are delivering patients and relatives to their destinations without rent. Photo: Prothom Alo
Nur Islam, the driver of the three cars, said. Abdullah, Abul Bashar. They are very happy to be able to provide this transport service to three patients day and night. Although he is an autorickshaw mechanic by profession, Abul Bashar has taken this opportunity to serve the patients as the garage is closed due to lockdown. He said in the first light, I can do something for people by not sitting at home, that’s great. The owner takes the salary, does not make any demands.

Imam Hossain, the proprietor of Imam Motors, the founder of the service, told Prothom Alo that patients, especially the poor, are having more difficulty in getting to the lockdown. Even if there are cars on the road, the fare is higher. This is why it has been launched. He owns three cars. The cars earn 900 to 2,800 rupees daily. Now I have paid for the people without renting. He pays for the fuel and the driver’s salary.

Asked why he started it, Imam Hossain said, “I started it with the decision of my father Rafiqul Islam and me, knowing the difficulty of people coming and going to the hospital in different media.” This arrangement will remain in place till the end of the lockdown. ‘

Contact number of the driver of the car Nur Islam 01726561055, Abul Bashar 0173260707, Md. Abdullah 017247280. If a poor and helpless patient calls that number anywhere in the city, the vehicles will take him to the hospital or diagnostic center.