May 16, 2021


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My movie luck with Shubh is bad: Purnima

Purnima seems to be the name of a successful chapter in the history of Dhaka cinema, without which the history of film cannot be imagined. The happy actress has been spreading her fascination with acting for almost two decades. He has gifted numerous successful movies in his long career. Although he has not been seen on the big screen for a long time, his two new movies ‘Gangchil’ and ‘Jam’ are awaiting release.

In a tone of regret about the movies, the heroine told Bangladesh Journal that the work of the movie ‘Gangchil’ is almost over. And if you shoot for only 5 days, the work of the film will be over. But I do not understand why the work is not finished. I don’t know if it will end at all. And the ‘jam’ has stopped. As far as I know, I don’t think the film will work anymore. ‘

He added, ‘The producers don’t want to finish the film. Because, the budget of the film has already been exceeded, due to which the producer does not want to do the film anymore. I’m very bad luck! I had earlier done a movie with Arefin Shuvo called ‘Movies’, but that movie has not been released yet. Then the two of them tied the knot again in the movie ‘Jam’. Now it will not be. It’s a bad experience for me with Shubhar, maybe bad luck for both of us. My movie luck with him is very bad. Which is why this is not going to be the work of the pair! I have lost a lot of interest from that place. I don’t think anyone will want the two of us together again. ‘

You haven’t been on the big screen for a long time. How much do you miss that familiar screen? To such a question, Purnima said, ‘I started with the big screen, the audience recognized me on that screen, gave me a lot of love. I miss that place all the time. When the work on the two pictures was over, maybe the audience would see me on the screen again. Who knows when it will happen again! ‘

Participated in a web film for the first time this year. Purnima will be seen in the movie ‘Munshigiri’ directed by Amitabh Reza Chowdhury. Regarding the film, the heroine said, “I have been working on it for a long time. As far as I know, editing is going on. And the release, the director, the producers can say well. ‘

“It’s the first time I’ve worked on a web film,” he said. But I was not satisfied with the job. I have been shooting for four days, I have gone to the set on time, I have finished the work. But after doing the job I thought maybe I could do better. To be honest, I didn’t like it. ‘

Meanwhile, a few days before the lockdown started, Purnima finished shooting the reality show ‘Sera Randhuni’. The shooting, which started in March in Gazipur near the capital, has been going on for months. Purnima said, ‘I have worked as a judge of the same program before. That was a new experience for me. I think it is an honor to be able to work as a judge for the same event again. ‘

He added that the shooting of ‘Sera Randhuni’ was done in Gazipur. The shooting started in March and lasted till mid-April. I had to shoot for 12 hours straight. There has been a lot of stress on the body since then. Still some parts remain. The grand finale will be held in June.

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