Omar Sunny slapped Zayed Khan for misbehaving with his wife Mausumi. Several actors in the film have confirmed that the incident took place on Friday night at the wedding of the son of Khal actor and film producer Dipzol. It is alleged that Zayed pulled out a pistol and threatened to kill Omar Sunny. Many in the film industry have expressed surprise after the news was published online by Prothom Alo on Saturday night.
Meanwhile, Omar Sunny has gone to the Bangladesh Film Artists Association to lodge a written complaint against Zayed Khan for threatening to kill him with a pistol. Sitting there, he wrote a complaint. Waiting for President Elias Kanchan. Sunny will give a written complaint in his hand. Omar Sunny said that he would make a general diary at the police station anytime on Sunday with the advice of the senior actors-directors and producers of the film. Talking to Prothom Alo at noon, Omar Sunny informed about these steps. He said, ‘I always take the advice of film mentors in any crisis. I want to do the same again. So I will take all necessary measures by informing everyone. ‘

Meanwhile, Omar Sunny wrote in his Facebook post on Sunday afternoon, “I will remain silent until my self-esteem is hurt.” Complaining against Zayed Khan, Omar Sunny said that Zayed Khan annoyed not only Mausumi but also many other girls. Many girls’ families have broken up because of Zaid.

Describing the incident on his mobile phone, Omar Sunny said, ‘I slapped Zayed Khan. But everyone must know the reason for my death. And after slapping, he will pull out a pistol to kill me! What great courage! I have been noticing Zayed’s disrespect for a long time. Then after seeing the wedding, I approached. Then I slapped him hard. After slapping him, he pulled out a pistol and said, “I will shoot but.” Omar Sunny said.

Omar Sunny further said, “Zaid’s courage has increased while harming the industry and harming the people. No one was talking. With a slap I started either way. Zayed Khan was extremely rude. I have been noticing Zayed’s disrespect for a long time. Then after seeing the wedding, I approached. Then I slapped him hard. After slapping him, he pulled out a pistol and said, “I’ll shoot.” I said (sorry for my language), pistol tor … (unpublishable). … Pola. ‘

Omar Sunny further said, ‘Zayed Khan always carries a pistol. As I said, many in the industry are annoyed by his oppression. Someone may not say it openly for fear of losing respect. I thought, it’s not too late, we have to start now. So I started with the slap. I got out of the wedding ceremony with a slap. ‘

Is there any evidence that you are making so many allegations against Zayed Khan? – When asked, Omar Sunny said, ‘There is a lot of evidence. There are many allegations against him (Zayed Khan). He has destroyed many families. There are many allegations of pistols being fired and girls being chased. Is it something new for him? Such allegations against Zayed Khan are very old. The only man in Dhaliwood who doesn’t have a movie to tell. He is always in the discussion because of all the controversial activities.

A filmmaker who witnessed the incident told Prothom Alo on Saturday night on condition of anonymity, “As far as I know, Zayed Khan has treated Mausumi badly. Omar Sunny was very upset with Zaid about this. I also heard that Dipzol was given a trial for misconduct. Dipzol said, “Leave it alone. No need to fight. Zayed and Mausumi will not be disturbed in the future. It won’t even go near the monsoon. “

On the condition of anonymity, the eyewitness A-O said, ‘Omar Sunny could not accept such a solution of Dipzol. So for a few days he was looking for Zayed Khan. He assumed that Zayed would be found at Dipzol’s son’s wedding. Omar Sunny entered the ceremony and slapped Zayed Khan directly. At that time some actors of the film including Dipzol were sitting on the sofa.

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