September 26, 2021


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Appeal for the opportunity to take Khaleda abroad

Her younger brother Shamim Eskander has appealed to the government to take BNP chairperson Khaleda Zia abroad for better treatment. He handed over the application form at the Home Minister’s Dhanmondi residence around 8:30 pm on Wednesday. Shortly afterwards, Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan Kamal told reporters, “I have received an application. The application will be sent from the Ministry of Home Affairs to the Ministry of Law. If Khaleda Zia needs medical treatment abroad, the government will look at her in a positive light. ‘

Home Ministry sources said that after receiving the application, it was handed over to the Additional Secretary in charge of the Prisons Department of the Home Ministry. Immediately after that the application was sent to the secretary of the law ministry. The process of Khaleda Zia going abroad for treatment has started last night. The government is looking at the matter positively. The matter will be settled quickly.

Earlier, at 6 pm yesterday, the cardiologist of Evercare Hospital Dr. A 10-member medical board headed by Shahbuddin Talukder reviewed the latest situation and recommended that Khaleda Zia be taken abroad for better treatment. Soon after, the family members agreed and made a written request to the Home Minister.

Meanwhile, Khaleda Zia’s post-Kavid health condition is fluctuating. Sometimes there is some improvement, sometimes there is deterioration. In such a situation, no final decision has been made as to which country he will be taken to. According to BNP sources, he may be taken to either Singapore or London.

Earlier in the day, BNP secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir told Kaler Kanth, “Madam’s body got a little worse today (yesterday). He needed a little more oxygen. However, it was settled later. ‘In response to a question, he said,’ There is no news yet about taking him abroad. This is a matter for the doctor and his family. And if any such initiative is taken, we will inform the media ourselves. ‘

According to multiple reliable BNP sources, it would have been easier to take a decision if the chairperson could have been taken to Singapore. Because the attitude of the concerned quarters of the government towards Singapore is somewhat flexible. But at the moment there are restrictions on the entry of Bangladeshis. At the same time you have to stay in quarantine for 14 days. It will be quite difficult for Khaleda Zia. As a result, the BNP does not think it is viable.

On the other hand, Khaleda Zia has to travel by air for about 10 hours to get to London. However, he will be taken to the air ambulance. Even after this, there is a question among the doctors as to whether he will be able to cope with the stress of this long journey. Because he has to take oxygen.

Meanwhile, it is becoming somewhat difficult to get the consent of the concerned quarters of the government to take Khaleda Zia abroad for treatment, especially in London. Because Khaleda Zia’s son BNP acting chairman Tarique Rahman is there. According to many, this is why the government has a political reckoning about London. Because there are many doubts about whether Khaleda Zia will go there and get involved in political activities. That is why despite the BNP’s efforts, the issue of Khaleda Zia going abroad for treatment is stuck.

Barrister Mahbub Uddin Khokon, joint secretary general of the BNP, told Kaler Kanth that if the government agrees, all arrangements can be made within half an hour.

BNP MP Harunur Rashid told Kaler Kanth, “Madam needs to be taken abroad for treatment. But there is no need for a court decision for this. The attorney general has to tell the court if the government wants, just as he is out on an executive order. ‘

Attorney General AM Amin Uddin, the state’s chief legal officer, said the court’s permission would be needed to take former prime minister BNP chairperson Khaleda Zia abroad. “The government has released her (Khaleda Zia) under Section 401 of the Criminal Procedure Code,” he said. But now I think he has to come to court to be taken abroad. ‘

He added, ‘How much treatment she (Khaleda Zia) needs. The government will consider whether his treatment is possible in Bangladesh or not, what is the system in Bangladesh. ‘He added that if the government deems it necessary, and according to the law it is necessary to go to court, then it has to come to court. The government will come where it is needed. The government will decide whether there is a need or not. Because it is a government order. The government will decide what to do considering the changed situation.

Meanwhile, Khaleda Zia’s health condition is officially said to be good, but in reality, post-corona complications have appeared in her body. Water is accumulating in his lungs and three bags of fluid have already been removed from there. His diabetes and oxygen levels are also fluctuating. That is why he has been kept in the Coronary Care Unit (CCU).

Doctors say that this post-corona complication is now seen in many patients in Bangladesh. These are called ‘post cavid complications’. This complication is more common in elderly patients. 6-year-old Khaleda Zia is suffering from various diseases including diabetes and arthritis. He also has kidney problems. For this reason, some of his doctors think that his physical condition may deteriorate at any time in the post-Corona period. According to sources, such fears are the reason for taking Khaleda Zia abroad.

Khaleda Zia has been undergoing treatment at the Evercare Hospital in the capital since April 26, though she was first treated at home after being infected with corona. A 10-member medical board is looking into his treatment. Sudden breathing while undergoing various health tests

He was taken to CCU on May 3 due to distress.

It may be mentioned that Khaleda Zia was jailed from February 8, 2016 on 17 years in two corruption cases. When his condition deteriorated, he was admitted to Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University (BSMMU) Hospital. There he was treated. The government suspended his sentence for six months at the request of his family members and released him temporarily. The government ordered the release subject to conditions under Section 401 of the Criminal Procedure Code. Khaleda Zia was released from the prison cell of BSMMU Hospital on March 25 last year by this order. He then went to his residence Firoza on Gulshan Avenue in the capital. In the meantime, his release has been extended.