August 4, 2021


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‘Second Home’ in Bangladesh is like Sheikh Hasina’s mother: Lotte Shering

Bhutanese Prime Minister Lotte Shering, who spent a part of his education in the country, visited Bangladesh on the occasion of the golden jubilee of independence and the birth anniversary of Bangabandhu and highlighted Bangladesh as his ‘second home’. Besides, he called Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina ‘like a mother’.

The Prime Minister of Bhutan was present as the guest of honor at the eighth day of Mujib Chiranton on Wednesday. Indian Congress leader Sonia Gandhi and Pope Francis, the chief religious leader of Catholics, gave a video message on the occasion. On the occasion, Lotte Shering handed over a stamp issued on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of Bangladesh-Bhutan diplomatic relations to the Prime Minister of Bangladesh.


Praising Bangladesh’s progress, the Bhutanese Prime Minister said, “Bangladesh has achieved a lot in the economic field in the last one decade. The future of Bangladesh and its people is very promising. The two countries have had bilateral relations for 50 years. Every time I come to Bangladesh, I feel like my ‘second home’.

“People in this country are fortunate to have a leader like Sheikh Hasina,” she said. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is working to fulfill her father’s dream. Sheikh Hasina and her government are dealing with the Kovid situation efficiently.

Lotte Schering said that Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman dreamed just as the King of Bhutan was working to establish a happy country. At the end of the speech, he uttered a verse written by Annadashankar Roy, “As long as the river Padma Jamuna Gauri Meghna flows, so long will your Sheikh Mujibur Rahman …”

Lotte Schering handed over a stamp on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of Bangladesh-Bhutan diplomatic relations to the Prime Minister of Bangladesh.
Lotte Shering handed over a postage stamp issued on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of Bangladesh-Bhutan diplomatic relations: PID
In her speech, Sheikh Hasina recalled the day when Bangladesh recognized Bhutan. He said it was a unique moment to hear the news of Bhutan’s recognition on the radio before the Pakistani forces surrendered. Sheikh Hasina also thanked Bhutanese volunteers for their support to Bangladeshi refugees in India.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina further said that Bhutan is an old friend of Bangladesh. The two countries are cooperating with each other. Cooperation between the two countries is increasing in various fields including education, trade and health. Highlighting the Bhutanese Prime Minister’s study of medicine in Bangladesh, Sheikh Hasina said, “She is not only from Bhutan, she is also from Bangladesh.”

In a video message, Congress President Sonia Gandhi congratulated the people of Bangladesh on the occasion, saying that 50 years ago, the brave people of Bangladesh started fighting for their new address, which changed the history and geographical map of the subcontinent.


Sonia Gandhi sent a video message of greetings
Send video message with greetings Sonia Gandhi Movie: PID
The Congress leader also spoke about Indira Gandhi’s respect and friendly relations with Bangabandhu. He said India has a special relationship with the people of Bangladesh. The role of Indira Gandhi is important in the historical context of 1971. 1971 was significant for both Bangladesh and India. Because, just as Indira Gandhi has introduced herself as a ruler and political wisdom, Bangabandhu has quickly presented himself to the world as an important leader.

Pope Francis said in a video message that Sonar Bangla is a country of modern citizens coexisting with natural beauty and cultural unity and language. This continuity has come in the next generation of the country as the legacy of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. Bangabandhu dreamed of a society and state where all communities would live in peace, freedom and security.

He hoped that the generosity and humanity shown by Bangladesh towards the refugees would continue in the future. He wished for a healthy political environment and democracy in Bangladesh.

Pope Francis read the video message with greetings
Pope Francis read a video message with greetings: PID
The theme of the eighth day was ‘Pioneer of Peace, Liberation and Humanity’. Highlighting Bangabandhu’s role in establishing world peace and human rights, Raunak Jahan, a political scientist and honorary fellow of the Center for Policy Dialogue, said Bangabandhu’s image as a pioneer of peace, liberation and humanity played a role in shaping and achieving world public opinion in 1971. Bangabandhu’s policy was the principle of democratic state system and balanced social system. He introduced himself first as a human being and later as a Bengali. He wanted to put a smile on the face of sad people. Bangabandhu wanted secular politics. He was opposed to religious politics.

At the beginning of the ceremony, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina received the Prime Minister of Bhutan Lotte Shering at the National Parade Square. She was accompanied by her younger sister Sheikh Rehana. After the national anthem, Sheikh Hasina took a seat on the stage with the distinguished guests and others. At the time of the epidemic, masks were seen on the faces of all of them.

After reading from religious texts, like other days, the program started with title animation video and theme music on Mujib’s eternal theme. Foreign Minister AK Abdul Momen, who hosted the event, gave a welcome address and a themed video was shown. About five hundred people

The speech of MP and former foreign minister AH Mahmud Ali was broadcast on the occasion. He paid homage to four national leaders, all freedom fighters and heroines.

Former Culture Minister Asaduzzaman Nur handed over the ‘Mujib Chirantan’ memorial to the distinguished guest on the occasion. After the break at the end of the discussion, there is a cultural program.